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Best part of Microsoft's E3 for me!

Posted by Spedstyle

i am cool enough to be next south park kid

Posted by Aarny91

Easily the best part, but that's not saying much.

Posted by ep_driver

The one natural/genuine presentation of the whole MS conference. Wouldn't expect anything less from Trey and Matt. I hope the games good as well, definitely a promising concept.

Posted by pow1149

That looks pretty freekin' sweet!

Posted by jasonefmonk

I really wish these South Park games weren't all 360 exclusives. Even if they've all been disappointing so far, the quality of the show would keep me playing.

Posted by Coolarman

*Cartman voice* This is going to be so fucking sweet

Posted by brownsfantb

Oh man, I can't wait to create my own South Park dude. I hope they give a lot of options.

Posted by shermanatorek

@jasonefmonk: I don't think it is exclusive. Unless Amazon is lying to me.

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

This looks great.

Edited by Undeadpool

The central conceit of this reminds me HEAVILY of Penny Arcade's game. And I loved the central conceit of Penny Arcade's game.

Posted by the_unabomber

From what I've seen today, this is the one thing I'm excited about...

Posted by BlackLagoon

@jasonefmonk: This one's a actually a multiplatform retail game by a real developer.

Posted by CottonWolf

@shermanatorek: It's definitely not. There's a Playstation logo at the end of the trailer.

Posted by dcgc

Can't wait for this. Gonna get it day one, full price. Big fan of South Park here.

Posted by Yadilie

@Undeadpool: Except this actually looks good.

Posted by The_Nubster

This is hilarious, if nothing else.

Posted by rmanthorp

Marino so pro! This is the best thing at E3 so far.

Posted by SpiralEye

Looks like a game they should have made at the very beginning.. Definitely getting this.

Posted by tourgen

hell yes best of E3 so far

Posted by Arkasai

Glad to see there's finally a South Park game that gets the aesthetics correct.

Posted by Bestostero

This better be better than Tenorman's Revenge.

Posted by Undeadpool

@Yadilie said:

@Undeadpool: Except this actually looks good.


Posted by sublime90

oh i really hope the gameplay is good. pleaseeee let the gameplay be good.

Posted by smiddy

Is Kyle meant to be Robert Baratheon?

Posted by Mumrik

Southpark has a visual style that maybe/sorta works because it was kind of different to see a cartoon look like a cheap flash game. In a video game though, I'm not sure if I could stand looking at bad art and non-existent character animation for the length of an RPG.

Other than that, this actually looks interesting.

Posted by Bombzinski

The very mention of crab people makes me lol to this day.

Posted by MeatSim

My favorite part of the Microsoft press conference.

Posted by BisonHero

The super generic video game narration over scenes of destruction was pretty fucking great. These men have played some video games, and realized what is hilariously overwrought and stupid about them.

Posted by jasonefmonk

Posted by NathHaw

I want you imagine watching this video as I was at the point where Cartman says, "Jews can't be saviors, remember?" ...and then my screen instantly went to:

Chrome doth forebode.

Posted by ep_driver

@the_unabomber said:

From what I've seen today, this is the one thing I'm excited about...


Posted by Eeptog

modern south park is terrible, but obsidian always makes good games.

Posted by AlisterCat

They've got the look of the show so perfectly at this point. I'm glad they got away from thinking the games had to be 3D like on the N64. And it 's coming to PC!

@Eeptog said:

modern south park is terrible, but obsidian always makes good games.

I completely disagree. I like it more than ever, but it isn't the same thing it used to be.

Posted by AhmadMetallic

i love south park and im excited

Posted by Lebro

I hope there will be much of South park humour.