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Sigh....I still want Kingdom Hearts III to be at least announced soon. It has been far too long since I took on and defeated KH2 on the PS2....

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I get it. Cause there are three Ds in the game title. So its like 3DS. HEY GUYS I GET IT!!!

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Poor Jeff Bridges.

Posted by AngelN7

"Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is the first Kingdom Hearts game for Nintendo 3DS." oh come on you can do better than that I mean the tittle for the video was pretty good.

Posted by Boom_goes_the_dynamite

I never understood why they can't just have their trailers full screen. Instead they have to use this weird border block thing.

Posted by Doctorchimp

Yup....kinda wish I still played these games. Or at least have Square just release them on PS3.

Posted by Twinsun

What does Dream Drop Distance even mean?

Posted by Marino

@AngelN7: I have to put something in there before I can preview what the video actually is. I forgot to change it before I hit "Publish."

Is that better?

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This series got waaay to confusing after KH2 lol. "Oh hey I'm you when you're sleeping, but this guy is me but he's not really me because he's you and none of this is real". :P

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I like Dream pop, the genre of music.

dont know whats going on here.

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Is ze Jeff Bridges in zis gaem?

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@Marino: I demand witty descriptions in all of the videos! ... Oh so you... ok that's understandable.

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Way to mask the low fidelity of the game with a ridiculously huge vingette around the picture

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Man, if Gay Pride T-Rex had been riding that meteor with Jeff Bridges at the end, I would've been so excited for this thing I don't understand.

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What the heck

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Oh wow. Anime CGI Jeff Bridges. Shit just blew my goddamned mind.

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Mickey Mouse is so played out. Magic broom and a wizard's hat, yeah, we get it already.

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God damn it, just make KH3 already

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This is how you find a stranger in the Keyblade?

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I'm only here for Jeff Bridges.

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@mbr2 said:

Is ze Jeff Bridges in zis gaem?


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@SpicyRichter said:

Way to mask the low fidelity of the game with a ridiculously huge vingette around the picture

Actually my guess is that's there so that the video can still be HD while still showing the gameplay video at a resolution closer to the 3DS screen. I actually really like how they did it.

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I'd just like to point out that this game probably will have multiplayer...you know in addition to ze Bridges...

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It's not that confusing, c'mon guys, seriously.

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Well, at least Kingdom Hearts has become a fairly blatant example of what happens when jesus christ why are you still making these (and not an actual sequel, y'know).

Posted by MeatSim

This makes me want to look at that Google doc again that try's to summarize the story of these games.

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That frame makes the video horrible to watch

Posted by Klaimore

Man there are so many kingdom hearts games so far that going in now seems dumb

Posted by Flyinnmunkee

We need KH3 already!

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Ok if there's more of The Dude in the game, I might just play this.

Posted by HHAP

@Meatsim: I thought the last KH3D trailer made you want to do that?

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@deskp said:

That frame makes the video horrible to watch

I don't think you can place all the blame on the frame....

At this point, I don't want a KH3, because they've gone and used up all the decent Disney worlds and characters.

Posted by redelectric

Wait, no Simple and Clean!? This isn't a real Kingdom Hearts trailer!!!!

Posted by Rohay

@ShadowKnight508: this i the last game before 3 apparently

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Fuck yeah new Rooster Cogburn is in KH!

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I loved the first one, loathed the second one and I've never been able to get back into the series since (and believe you me, I've tried). These games stopped making any sense and I don't have the time or energy to try figure out WTF is going on anymore.

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STuck on a DS... can't they make an epic one for ps3 already

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Yeah, duders, I'd like Kingdom Hearts 3 as well, but for those who haven't played any of the KH games since 2, you'll be so confused when 3 rolls around the corner. A lot of story has been added by Birth By Sleep, and even more story will be added by Dream Drop Distance--this isn't even including the side-games 358/2 Days and Re:Coded--so you might want to reconsider if you're actually a Kingdom Hearts fan if you stopped at 2.

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I think I heard Vanille in Minnie

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@Landmine said:


This is the only respectable response to Kingdom Hearts related merchandise.

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The Dude is not in.

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@redelectric said:

Wait, no Simple and Clean!? This isn't a real Kingdom Hearts trailer!!!!

I wanna know how you're making me feel tonight.

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Played the Tron level from 2 when from my brother's save file. Wish I could do the same for this one, but I he hasn't played them since that one.

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@Twinsun: it refers to the distance at which dreams can be dropped

but don't worry, as Chomsky has pointed out with his famous sentence "colorless green ideas sleep furiously," semantics and syntax can operate independently.

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Bio-digital jazz, man