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On the bright side, I bet the quick look will be pretty good.

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no, no no.

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Does anyone still care about Fable?

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Man that guys living room must be super shitty with all the smoke machines.

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beware the magic, bros

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So it's a rail-tastic, Kinect version of Sorcery?

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I would love to kill balverines, honest, but who in the world even has a Kinect smh

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this looks fucking terrible

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@Seedofpower: say "chicker kicker" and I'll reply in the affirmative

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That guy was all "<>".

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who wants that?

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So, is it on rails?

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That looked pretty cool. Hope the Quick Look will be good.

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IT'S GONE GOLD. Well that's what the lionhead site says. Hope it's good (looks super pretty)