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first. woohooo.

The premise of this MMO is great!

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This game IS and E3 Mystery.

Posted by leejunfan83

dick n balls

Posted by SpiralEye

She is in it. She is in - The Secret World..

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That sounds like a Finnish accent.

Posted by benpursley27

This is not a trailer. This is a commercial. This doesn't belong on Giant Bomb.

Posted by wewantsthering

@benpursley27: Huh?...

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@ItBeStefYo: Well played sir.

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@benpursley27: The difference between the two being...

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@benpursley27 said:

This is not a trailer. This is a commercial. This doesn't belong on Giant Bomb.

Sort of my though, also I'm already sick of this damn game, the hype the company is forcing on it is tiring and getting annoying.

Posted by HerbieBug

No.  How about you show me your trailer within the confines of your trailer and I don't go to some strange website?  

Posted by gunstarhero

this is part of the arg that is going on at the moment for secret world its pritty good,its a puzzle that everyone is working towards solveing before the game is launched and we all get a bit of dlc for solveing,but you are wright its not a game trailer but a bit of a bigger quest going on ,go to the funcom site and type 33 come and join the fun :P.

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Yeah I refuse to go searching around there website for another video, when the trailer could have just been posted here.

Posted by RedRocketWestie

If ever there was a game custom-tailored for an ARG, it's this one.

That said, it's starting to feel like that's all this game has going for it.

Posted by Tesla

There's nothing worse than a commercial that tells you to go to a website. No thanks.

Posted by Blackout62

Fine, ARG time everyone, contact The Bruce and get your decoder rings.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

I will instead not head to your website and also not play your game. Compromise achieved.

Posted by vikingdeath1

When this gets released and bombs after a month Those guys are gonna be Soooooooooo surprised?

Posted by MeatSim

I don't want to go to your website.

Posted by AlisterCat

Unfortunately I feel like some of the films my classmates shot in College and University were more proffesional than that trailer.