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Wooo Forza!

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Hoping for some really good things

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We ARE Race Night!

Hoping this turns out as good as it looks. If the multiplayer options are as robust as Forza Motorsport 4's, there should be a lot of fun with night racing and dirt roads.

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Such a damn good video title. Excited about the literal title as well.

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RIP Colorado

Posted by slowbird

This video needs more dubstep. Yes, I know it has dubstep in it, but it needs ALL the dubstep.

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I'm excited by this. I love the Need for speed undergound type of game so this seems right up my alley

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Actually liked the Test Drive series of games & Forza so this is a great mix, definitely liking this & should be a blast playing it.

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i was half hoping this would be the "cannonball run" game that i dream of; not this time, it seems.

I'll keep my eye on it.

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Sick trailer just because of the sick drops and wobble bass

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Forza driving physics with more track variety is a-okay with me.  I don't need the wubs. 

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I live in Colorado and shit like this happens every day; wobble bass and heavy drops included.

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So it's... NFS: Pro Street? I hope the physics don't end up being a completely spastic compromise like they were in that game.

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Almost wish I bothered hooking up my 360 for this.. Know I probably won't though. Bums me out that we won't get this on PC. Looks better than Test Drive Unlimited.

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so long as this game maintains the same amount of content, and customization of that content then i'll buy it.

Because i spent the majority of my time in forza dicking around with car customization so it'd be great to be able to take that into a multi-player race day, sort of enviroment.

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Game looks OK, but now I'm even more hyped for the Modestep album...

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This trailer is like a Christmas present, except when you unwrap it you get surprise-dubstep.

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How much more % of WUB are we talking here?

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God dang that was awesome! Love me some Forza!

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Needs more Brian Ekberg.

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sic drop