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Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh

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I hope that for stuff like this on the Wii U there is a way to disable the mini-map on the TV and some of the UI elements that will be included on the controller's screen. It could help clear up the main view which I always like.

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@RobotHamster: really quite satisfying

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I'm glad that some of these games are coming to the WiiU.... but these games will already run on a 360 or a PS3 or a good PC. What incentive do I have to buy it on a WiiU?

The WiiU doesn't look like it will win back gamers who went to other consoles or to the PC. Unless I see some very good third party exclusives, I'm not buying a WiiU. Unless that new Zelda game happens to be extremely, extremely good.

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Assassinate the bear!!!

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I saw this article and I thought, "Armored Core 3 is coming to Wii U?"

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I guess I'll have to decide if I get a Wii U if I want this on that or Xbox 360....

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This is quite interesting. PS4 controllers are going to be awfully expensive considering they will have to be PSP Vitas :P

But I'm more interested on seeing the portable Microsoft console, doubling as a controller for XBox720 in E3'13.

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What now? AssCreed 3 is perfect jumping on point for new fans? So you are saying that the main story of the whole AssCreed games will not be present? I would say that if you are going to play AssCreed you better start from the beginning of the story and not the end of (if this will be the end, that is).

It's like Mass Effect where they release 2 & 3 for Ps3 and now only ME3 for Wii U. It's like only watching the third installment of the Lord Of The Rings films.

Sorry for the outburst but it just rubs me the wrong way when they say stuff like this.

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Hmmmm, a bigger map and what looks like a slight improvement to the sometimes clunky weapon selection isn't selling me. I really hope there's more to the WiiU functionality here.

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@Nefhril: Yeah, it's pretty gross. But Assassin's Creed has at least a shred of an excuse to say that. The numbered AssCreed games all have new protagonists. This is more accessible than starting with Brotherhood or Revelations where you get dropped off in the middle of Ezio's story. While Desmond is the main character, his story doesn't progress that much from game to game. I think you can read a plot wiki for five minutes and just jump into the newest game. I skipped the first AC and five minutes of Youtube cutscenes got me up to speed when I played ACII and Brotherhood.

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The Heads Down Display, because diverting your focus is intuitive.

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You know what, if nothing else, I like the idea of always having the map on the controller. In practice, it could be kind of jarring, but the idea floats my boat.

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Are we talking just 720p HD or full blown 1080p HD @ 60fps?

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Looks great, been going back to finish Revelations in anticipation of ACIII. Can't wait to play it!

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@Jinto: In Patrick's article, he says you shouldn't expect 60 fps, but full blown 1080p remains an #e3mystery

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So big map and faster weapon select.

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@cavemantom: That's exactly what I thought when I saw the wii u controller for the first time. Also isn't the dpad used for quick switching of weapons? It's not like you can feel your way around a touch screen so you'd have to look down again to select your weapon. With a dpad you'll at least know up, down, left and right give you different weapons so you wouldn't even have to look to select the weapons you want.

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So let me get this straight, they harnessed the extra power of the Wii U and the new controller innovation to allow "real time weapon change"?

They should just use the extra screen to zoom in to the victims neck to allow you to stab-fools-in-the-neck with precision.