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Electronic three hype.

Posted by ZeroSignal

Woot. Sonic!

Posted by Rising_ixa

Shinobi yay

Posted by TechnoSyndrome

Description is wrong, it's actually just "Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed". Yeah, it's a pretty bad title.

Posted by Vitor

So, Eurogamer has a preview that is absolutely glowing.

Apparently it's got great handling and the power ups are more like Blur than Mario Kart. And it's damned pretty also.

After Ridge Racer: Unbounded (criminally underrated by the way), I could use another arcade fix.

Posted by Marino

@Taku128: Fixed!

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Posted by WinterSnowblind

Really awesome to see Vyse in there, it's almost worth buying for that alone.

The first game was a pretty decent, I'm reasonably excited for this.

Posted by chilipeppersman

@WinterSnowblind: ya, one of segas' best works in a while. I am too

Posted by MeatXbeatsXman

Vyse?! Holy balls....

Posted by CitizenJP

Knuckles ftw.

Posted by iAmJohn

Fuuuuuuck yes dude, the first one was so great. And this one has Vyse. Vyse!

Posted by LobsterVendetta

I am pretty excited for this game but man do I hope Axel Stone makes it into the racer roster. I really enjoyed the first one but I just didn't have any particular characters I really enjoyed using all that much (aside from the Bonanza Bros.) and I'm a total Streets of Rage nut.

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@LobsterVendetta: Gilius Thunderhead made it in at least. Hopefully they go a little more crazy with the old school characters this time, it seems Sega really restricted who they could put in with the first game.

But they already have the Sonic characters that will make it appeal to the kids, guys like Vyse, Ryo and Gilius will really help sell it to the older gamers, who might otherwise pass it off as nothing but another kiddy Sonic game. More nostalgia and less Nascar drivers would definitely help.

Posted by Wandrecanada

It's transformers dubstep featuring Sonic?

Posted by Rirse

And they ruined it by putting Dana Patrick in it for some reason.

Posted by BlazeHedgehog

The first All-Stars Racing was actually really really good. As good or better than Mario Kart in a few ways. Really hoping this one is good.

Posted by AbeBroHamLincon

Why in the name of god would you ever put sonic in a vehicle.......that is all

Posted by DBagalot

When I came into this I literally was like, "More Sonic blah blah blah blah". Then I saw vehicles and was like, "Sonic Cart -_-". By the end of this It turned into. "Hmm, actually Looks interesting."

Probably subliminal messages in that Dubstep portion.

Posted by kingrainbowfish

Ummmm....So This Is On X-Box And Playstation?

Posted by BPRJCTX

Loved to play the first game with my little sister, can't wait for this one to come out.

Grew up with Sega.

Posted by Toug

Brought to you by Go Daddy.

Posted by RecSpec

The first game was pretty fun, and even though this game has Danica Patrick in it (no joke), I'm still excited for this. 
Also this game is doing a lot better with the surprise characters. Joe Musashi and Gilius Thunderhead are in it. The more obscure they get, the better.

Posted by SupberUber

Interested. I have the first one, but I forgot to actually play it. This has lots more potential, simply because of all the elements.

Posted by DocHaus

Already said but...why does Sonic need a car? Can't he just run faster than everyone?

Posted by Aaron_G

Oh Sega...

Posted by Lemons64

Let's just say, they're trying to make a game to the likeness of Mario Kart 7 in terms of the "transformation" of the vehicles.

Posted by MrSlapHappy

so Sega's take on Diddy Kong Racing?

Posted by drac96

The first one of these was actually pretty good. While it was a Mario Kart Clone it handled different enough to stand on it's own. I'm looking forward to this one as well. I mean, Vyse is in it. How can I not get excited?

Posted by MosaicM80

What does sonic need a car for? Doesn't he just run super fast anyway?

Posted by depecheload

Didn't Diddy Kong racing do that?

Posted by Vandical

Can I still race with my Xbox Avatar?

Posted by happypup70

Ah screw it. Hedgehogs can drive cars too.

Posted by gabha

Sega does what Nintendid.

Posted by Soviut

I can't believe a single person still cares about Sonic. He was a gimmic character to start with, boring in 2D sequels, horrible in 3D sequels, and now this? Who keeps paying for this crap?

I blame kids.

Posted by muralbat

The first game was actually pretty good fun! I'll certainly check it out

Posted by JonathanAshleyMoore

Mario Kart has gotten a little sleepy... this looks like a good replacement. I remember everyone saying the first was really dope.

Posted by StriderNo9

E3, dumb step edition?

Posted by Hammerjelly

The first was actually, surprisingly good.

Posted by Generiko

Where's Banjo? >_>

Posted by Kete

They missed a chance to just have the crazy taxi guy drive underwater.

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Can they transform into a gun like Megatron though?

Posted by Linkster7

This makes no sense what so ever!

Wouldn't Sonic just run?! Isn't that like his whole fucking thing? I've even seen that guy fly though fucking space!

This bothers me more than it should.

Posted by StriderNo9

I really liked the first game, this one seems even better.

Posted by impartialgecko

Sonic's unending quest to travel on things slower than him continues

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Sonic the Dubhog