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Fool me once

Posted by Mystyr_E

Way better than the first version (again, NDA'd). Does have sub fee but eh, game's fun and works really well

Posted by Jinto

I'm looking forward to this. About the only other MMO's I am optimistic about are Elder Scrolls Online and Wildstar.

Posted by Spitznock

Interested to see what they've changed. Hopefully a lot after spending a chunk of time with FF14 at its original release.

Posted by ScreamingGhost

Hopefully they've turned it around with this update.

Posted by cloudymusic

Definitely looking forward to this.

Posted by eltese

All I can say to those still on the fence. They have changed it and changed it a lot. It still comes down to if you enjoy the final fantasy setting and what style of MMORPG you enjoy. However this is now a really good game. I highly recommend it.

Of course this is all from a random internet guy who is basing this on his own personal experience.

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They really do love crystals, huh?

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Take a shot every time you see one of the following.

- Giant sword

- Airship

- Someone named Cid

- Chocobo

- Moogle

Posted by Fratteker

Well they certainly haven't fixed the voice acting.

Posted by agemyth

That guys just called that airship "The Enterprise".

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Oh mighty Ifrit, lord of the inferno and champion of the sun! you're a master of karate and friendship for everyone!

Posted by HarrySound

I was on the Beta for the last release....this looks completely different.

They just needed to put the fundamentals in and let people know what the hell they were doing.

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Way to waste your Deus Ex/Sleeping Dogs/Tomb Raider money, Square. Also, since when does SE make drab games?

Posted by Levio

I want to play as Sephiroth and marry Yuna. Also my class is beastmaster.

Posted by Epidehl

My brother and I used to play FFXI a LOT, and considering I probably won't be getting any new consoles at launch, this could be a fun thing to play with him in the meantime.

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Oh shit, it's Cid Garlond, muther fucker!

Well-constructed trailer, though pretty goofy "reveal" at the end that the narrator was basically Skelator. All the footage must be from the PS3 version, as the PC version is much more richly detailed. At least that's what someone who has been in the PC beta would say if such a hypothetical person were not NDA'd. *shifty eyes*

Posted by ChrisTaran

Yep, they actually have me anticipating this. I played XI for years and loved it, tried original XIV and played it for 2 weeks before calling it quits.

Really hope they game has shaped up like it appears to have.

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I really loved my couple of years with FF11. I miss that huge MMOFF world. I skipped out on 14 but I may join up in 2014 on PS4. I reeeally don't want to be playing an mmo....damnit.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Guild Wars 2 is a fantastic game.

Posted by Jeryhn88

Oh mighty Ifrit, lord of the inferno and champion of the sun! you're a master of karate and friendship for everyone!

Started singing it myself as soon as the trailer was revealed:P

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Can't wait! Naoki Yoshida has reignited hope in my heart.

Posted by Norusdog


screw off Square...unless there's a demo/free trial period...I'm not touching this.

I am curious to see how it's changed..but no way am I plunking ANY money down until/unless I can PLAY it myself first

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@norusdog: The closed beta is just about to start phase 3. Once that's over, there will be an open beta period before the game launches in August, so you'll at least have the opportunity to try it then, if you're actually interested.

Posted by hollitz

They really do love crystals, huh?

Ones that haven't been vomited on. With blood.

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Whatever the game might play like, it sure is really ugly.

Posted by golguin

I don't really know anything about FF14, but it was my understanding that this is a relaunch hence the "realm reborn" part right?

I remember watching the ending video and being amazed that they blew everything and almost everyone up with Bahamut. I particularly enjoyed the part where it looked like he was going to be sealed, but he broke it and killed them all.

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