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Yes, Im prepared! Most anticipated game for 2014. Dark Souls is easily in my top 3 games of all time.

Posted by Schwing

Fuck Yes, Im ready

Posted by guilherme


Posted by Bleshoo

Bring it on!

Posted by LogicReason

Totally ready!

Posted by Ravenlight

I wish they'd show more long shots of the environment because it looks amazing.

Probably my most anticipated game of E3.

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I couldn't be more excited for Dark Souls 2, but what the fuck was up with that trailer music?

Posted by ross2075

oh yeah...can't wait to die

Posted by VoshiNova

Bad trailer, but holy shit I can't wait to play this.

Really bad music going on this

Posted by edeo

These games look so good and sound fun. Wish either I had more free time to learn how to play them or there was a better way to learn the mechanics without a jumble of confusing FAQs.

Posted by SpaceJamLunchbox


Posted by spiralsin

Here's hoping the PC version isn't a shoddy console port this time around.

Posted by manateecannon

The Souls games are amazing, I can't wait.

Posted by Zeik

The graphics look surprisingly good. The Souls games got by a lot on simply aesthetic, but that actually looks pretty nice. It seems like they've smoothed out the animations as well. They look more fluid.

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That trailer was bloody awful. Inappropriate music (just have a listen to this, song gives me chills every time) and they managed to make the fighting look a little bland :P

Dark Souls was my game of the 2011 and I am very much looking forward to Dark Souls 2. Good to see they're keeping up with the interesting monster design, want to see more of that. Hopefully they can pull off some stuff as intimidating as the first time you fight the Gaping Dragon!

Posted by Efesell

So ready.

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Posted by Bombzinski

2014? oh fuck, that's a while

Posted by IBurningStar

Why did they pick this music?! Game itself looks like more Dark Souls, which I don't consider to be a bad thing.

Posted by Bombzinski

Not a fan of the Chosen Undead's new outfit but whatever

Posted by Tesla

I wonder if there is anything in this trailer that DS scribes can pick apart with regards to lore/setting/story?

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Ahh the Souls games, my favourite franchise of games I never finish and yet constantly look forward to the next iteration.

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I can't express how much I need this game. Waiting until March is going to be rough.

Posted by diggityjones

Agreed. Music was lame. Looks great though. I'm ready to jump back in.

Posted by MrHadouken

Haven't beaten the first, probably won't. But I am indeed ready for part 2!!!

Posted by MathewMcGee

I really don't want to wait almost a year for it!!

After having finally "beaten" Dark Souls a few months ago, I am ready for the next/new challenge baby.

Yeah the trailer music was kind of lame but with hilariously fitting lyrics.

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This is the kind of rock i expect the japanese to like.

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That is a really really really terrible music choice. Though it and The Last Guardian (I hope) are the only games I'm really looking forward to as of yet.

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Strip club music is an interesting choice.

Still excited, despite that trailer.

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not ready in the least, but that won't stop me.

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Cool to see From Software getting some exposure at a big press conference. They've always made games for a niche audience where everyone else seems to focus test first and design a game around that. It appears to be paying off for them and they fully deserve it.

After the lackluster sales of Armored Core 5, they're still making another one. Apparently someone at From knows how to budget a production. Other devs could learn a thing or two from that.

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Boy this is going to be fun.

Posted by MeatSim

Whether you like or hate Dark Souls I think we can all agree that the song they used was terrible.

Posted by doe3879

lol dual wielding with a bow

Posted by namesonkel

Those were some great looking environments.

Posted by McQuinn

My body is ready!

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:( i liked the trailer and the song... ...ill just hang out over on the other side of the room.

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My soul is ready.

Posted by walterbennet

Terrible music. Amazing action.

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@edeo: >jumble of confusing FAQs

Nothing about them is confusing. Join the community and ask questions wherever you get stuck.

If you don't want to put anything in, you won't get anything out. It's quite simple, really.

Posted by SeriousSgtStu

Need Humanity.

Posted by White

The real Demon's Souls start here.

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I am physically prepared. O___O

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Crest Shield and Halberd looks like my first build in dark souls one. SO PUMPED FOR THE PC VERSION

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@schragnasher: It's OK I thought the song was fine too sort of fit with the dark souls dying over and over theme.

Posted by geirr

I'm not ready, but by march 2014 I will be.

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I'm so ready for more Dark Souls!

Posted by posh

Praise the sun!

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Is it me or did those graphics look like butt?

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