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I can't lie, I am super hyped for this game.

Posted by SomeDeliCook

I always thought Borderlands played like Halo meets Call of Duty, so it is pretty funny to see people saying this is Halo meets Borderlands

It makes sense though

Posted by Keithcrash

Looks good. I'll be playing it, for sure.

Posted by Sidewinder23

Spider tank!

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If it is really as they make it appear, they might have figured out a really smooth and organic grouping like what was in the rift events in the rift MMO. If they really do that well and having that classic bungie feel like in the video, I'm hooked.

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Yes, this is all of the things that I love. Where do I put my money?

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I'm probably most excited for this, just because it's so ambitious in its scale. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

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It looked very good.

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I'm gonna buy this so hard.

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I was pretty hyped for this, but now? I might freeze myself until it is out

Posted by punkycrisps

How long has Activision been "the company that brought you Call of Duty"? Jesus... That's about the dumbest damn thing I've ever read.

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It's like all the good things about FPS, MMOs and RPG loot based games without most of the bad things about those genres. Impressive. I kind of get the feeling this is what Blizzard wanted to do with Titan but then they saw Destiny and realized they got beat to the punch and probably were outclassed quality wise and were like well fuck... now what?

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You know, I actually wasn't a ton behind this game until today. It's a gun + loot game, which I am perfectly fine with, but it's also got some Urban Left vs. Rural Right political overtones that I think are still pretty mature for a game to be messing with. I can tell I'm going to be interested in the future world this thing is going to try to build. This is where FPSes needs to go, to a more relevant narrative. Sign me up.

Posted by LobotomyKing

was less hyped up whn it said activision but im still hyped

Posted by KittyVonDoom

It's funny how they make a big fuss about being tired of making Halo games, and then make something that looks (and appears to play) an awful lot like a Halo game.

I hope this doesn't turn out to be nearly as cliche or Saturday-morning-kids-cartoon as their Halo work. Could at least be interesting.

Posted by hollitz

Not sure about this.

Though I do think Bungie is at their best when they are designing big open spaces for battles to take place in. Without an interesting story, really really solid gameplay is the only thing that can get me into a shooter. 343's Halo didn't do it for me. 1/2 of Bungie's Halos didn't do it for me. Reviews are going to be 9's and 10's.

On the bright side, I guess I can--thankfully--rent it.

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was less hyped up whn it said activision but im still hyped

They have nothing to do with the actual game itself. It's just for marketing purposes.

Posted by Blueblur1

The game looks good. I'm a little concerned though. During the onstage demo, it looked really tame and boring early on. It got better when they went outside and more enemies and players joined in. I hope it's like that the majority of the time.

Posted by dies0rn

looks like a better version of Defiance.

I mean the trailer said "this city bla bla bla " and earth with aliens on it ...

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Actually looks good. Wasnt too interested with what they showed before. Just hope the combat is good. I have a bad picture of everything being a huge damage soak, and too many energy shields. I really hate unloading 4 clips into something that doesnt even fucking notice till its health drops to 0.

Posted by MEATBALL

This totally looks like a game I would love to play for hours upon hours.

Posted by theillusiveman0

Since ive officially defected back to the PS4 , this will fill the void that Halo will leave

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You have my attention

Posted by Kazona

For what little gameplay it showed I was not impressed.

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Really sad to be leaving Halo behind, but looks like this is gonna be the next best thing.

Posted by Dirtimover

I'd say its District 9 meets Halo. I'll be playing it

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Call me crazy, but it looks almost nothing like Halo to me. That said, being an ardent not-fan-of-Halo, this game looks pretty fucking awesome. That demo during the Sony conference last night looked great. I still think I'm a little more hyped for TitanFall overall, but considering I have no affinity for Bungie as a company, I was pretty shocked at how much I enjoyed what they showed last night. Is it just me, or do COD and Halo look a bit dated standing next to these new series?

Posted by MrGtD

This looks like a Borderlands-style game with the gameplay and art design of a Bungie game. So, a perfect game. I wasn't excited before, but I sure as hell am now.

Posted by paulunga

So, uhh... I know this is kind of out of left field but... what ever happened to Huxley? Anyone remember that game?

Posted by SomeJerk

Hey guys, I'm not a game designer or anything, but I think this makes Titanfall look like last-generation shit..

Posted by Tesla

This looks like something I could lose hours playing. Bungie sci fi and loot?! Pretty unique and interesting enemy design too.

Posted by Daneian

I love Bungie's games and really don't like what 343 did with Halo 4. Hope this is as good as it looks.

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Looks pretty rad, with this and respawns new game shooters might be getting the innovation that they need.

Posted by Dchao

This looks pretty rad.

Posted by PJ

Of the two new FPS games that I was looking forward to(Destiny and Titanfall), I have to give a slight edge to Titanfall. It looked just great and I'm a sucker for good mech action. Destiny looks stunning but I would like to see actual gameplay before fully committing(who am I kidding, I'll definitely buy it). I do want to know what the mean by persistent online world because that sounds a lot like MMO and there has never been one even remotely acceptable FPSMMO.

Posted by Sporkbane

Did anybody notice how when he picked up the new weapon, it seemed to have it's own unique skill tree? That could either mean two things, I think:

1. There is a predefined set of weapons with predefined skill trees, and they will add more a la WoW

2. There are randomly generated weapons with randomly generated skilltrees (although it appears the skilltrees are related to the weapon, as his weapon was lightning based and the last ability implied lightning abilities).

Given that one of the developers told the other one to check out the skill tree and specifically mentioned the last skill on that weapon, I think that the former is the more likely option. Still, I love the idea. It means that getting new weapons won't just be a "hooray, bigger numbers!" but instead introduce a progression element to go along with it. That's a great idea.

Posted by Rasgueado

Looks like Warframe.

Posted by blacklab

I didn't see the Borderlands connection.

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Yawn. Call me when it's on sale on Steam for $3. I might buy it then.

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A more expansive Borderlands like game with less MMO style questing areas sounds good to me.

Posted by fishmicmuffin

@blacklab: The Borderlands connection was shown in the live demo. The two people playing killed a boss and they both got a new gun and the gun had a skill tree associated with it.

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I hope there's more to it than "aim cursor at alien, hold down button". It seems the combat was pretty spammy with everyone just jumping about randomly firing different shaped glowing things.

Posted by Geralt

Insomniac on MS stage and Bungie on Sony stage. You gotta love capitalism.

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Please come to PC! The game looks fun but shooters are never fun to play with controllers.

Posted by 014

After reading you guys' comments, I wonder if I watched the wrong video.

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@blacklab: The Borderlands connection was shown in the live demo. The two people playing killed a boss and they both got a new gun and the gun had a skill tree associated with it.

And the companion AI is the smarter, sleeker, and a little more stiffer than Claptrap, that of the BL's series.

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@014 said:

After reading you guys' comments, I wonder if I watched the wrong video.

Same here. My interest is peaked if this will be in the Borderlands mold, but what's in this trailer is barely a game. It may as well have been all cutscenes for all the good it did.