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A little bit of TF2 and some coop - looks interesting

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looks cool

Posted by Spaghettios

I'm glad the blood is orange.

Posted by RE_Player1

From the makers of Fuse.

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Posted by Toug

Crackdown meets Jet Set Radio?

Yes please.

Posted by pyrrhus19

So, when is this game getting a change in art-style?

Posted by dsouvannarath

This game looks awesome

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Man happy to see Insomniac going back to making fun guns. the only gun that was even remotely interesting in fuse was the warp gun and that was because i liked getting the chain worm-hole.

Now i just need to see some actual game-play before i want to play this.

Posted by ahgunsillyo

Ah, so THAT'S where that Overstrike art style went.

Posted by Thuggish

This looks to have a very similar art and animation style to what Fuse used to have, before it was fuse and focus tested into the disappointment that it was.

Just because this looks great now, doesn't mean they'll fuck it up before it's out (sadly) ;(

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One of the best surprises of the Microsoft conference for me. Love the style, but staying cautiously optimistic til I see some gameplay.

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It's so damn colorful. I want it.

Posted by NoK

Very cool looking hope it is as fun to play as to look at.

Posted by Ministry4390

Definitely excited for this one.

Posted by Mystyr_E
Posted by Oscar__Explosion

The most exciting thing in the entire press conference. I love the art style

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@msavo: I can pretty much guarantee you that most developers have put out a few crap games throughout their history's, but hey let's just hate to hate right?

Posted by SpicyRichter

This seems awesome. Tons of orange!

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Is their blood made out of SunnyD?

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This is what it looks like now, but they haven't put it through their style and color zapper machine yet.

Seriously though, I'm starting to understand why they might have changed Fuse's graphics style and name if they had another cartoonish game with Overdrive in the title in the works (Fuse used to be "Overstrike".)

Hopefully we'll see some gameplay footage soon.

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Call me back when they rename it to Fuse Sunrise and it's a generic military shooter. Where you fire a can of red bull or something. For colour.

Posted by HonkeyKong

Hipsters save the World?

Posted by paulunga

Come back in two years when they release a gritty, realistic third-person shooter just called Sunset.

Posted by nnotdead

@pyrrhus19: i couldn't help but having the same thoughts while watching the trailer. need to see a lot more to really form an opinion on this one.

Posted by Benmo316

Sunset Overdrive was the most intriguing game shown at MS's conference. I'll be curious to watch people play it on Twitch when it's released.

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Hard for me to get excited about this, when the reveal for Overstrike (now Fuse) looked so good and turned out so Meh.

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@nok: What gave you the idea I was hating? I merely mentioned the last game they shipped.

Posted by dgtlmeatloaf

It looks so weird, I like it!

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Looks like a lot of fun - at least tonally.

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this actually looks cool. between this, forza and below.... i'm still on the fence.

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God I love this song. Learned about it from Ryan. The singer is Michael Poiccard.

Posted by JouselDelka

The video title gave me a good chuckle :D

Indifferent about the game though, I need to see gameplay to care.

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Sunset Overdrive is an awesome name for a game.

Posted by Wiseblood

What do the focus groups think?

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The video title gave me a good chuckle :D

Indifferent about the game though, I need to see gameplay to care.

My thoughts exactly. Without a real game play demo this is only advertising.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

So Insomniac have switched from Sony to Microsoft and it seems like Fuse acted as the bridge for them to cross. Lets just hope Insomniac stick to their original vision this time around as I much prefer this colourful art direction.

Posted by Mr_JPeps

idk why, but the graphics in this game really surprised me!

Posted by paulosaurus

This is a great trailer. Hopefully the game is even remotely similar.

Posted by soulmanim3

@toug said:

Crackdown meets Jet Set Radio?

Yes please.

Meets L4D co-op?

Posted by AbeTheGreatest

Aside from the Bioshock Infinite rip-off part the game looks really cool

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Is this what Insomniac's A Team was working on?

Also, please be multiplatform.

Posted by mcsquared

Awesome art style, hope the game is as fantastic as this trailer.

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Pleaseeee come to PC or PS4.

Posted by TheSouthernDandy

I don't know what this is, all I know is this trailer made me want it.

Posted by DharmaBum

Not sure how I feel about this one.

Posted by masterfaculty

For some reason, I found the art style to be grating. Hope they keep the assets for the inevitable Joe Vs. the Volcano videogame. The time is now!

Posted by thatguywiththedeepvoice
@andorski said:

Is this what Insomniac's A Team was working on?

Also, please be multiplatform.

@dan_citi said:

Pleaseeee come to PC or PS4.

Yep. That about somes up my thoughts.

Posted by danielheard

Love the eurohipster/FLCL look to the thing, kinda meh on the Planet Terror puss demons. But yes please, more hyperparkour.