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Finally, some game play.

Looks like a kinect version of osu which is really great but i just dont like the revealed tracks...

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This looks cool.

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Holy cow it looks fabulous! Kudos Harmonix. I hope it follows through on this demo.

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Wow. I was extremely skeptical after the reveal but actually seeing it being played, this looks incredible. Harmonix totally gets it.

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I would like to see some more actual Fantasia in it.

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fucking awesome

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This game doesn't look at all like I imagined it would.

I am massively disappoint.

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I have to say I am REALLY impressed with this!

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This looks legitimately incredible and fun to play. This game is just oozing with charm.

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Looks pretty cool and like something I could REALLY into.

That said, I still worry about the actual responsiveness of Kinect (it seemed to be missing a lot of gestures). I'm also not planning on getting an Xbox One so it'll depend on how different the 360 version is, if at all.

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Totally interested in this now, looks cool.

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I gotta say every time I see one of Harmonix's music games, they look kinda cool and fun to me, but for many reasons I've never played and probably never will play any of them. But yeh, good on them for doing something weird like this and make it look like a genuinely interesting thing. Though I'm not so sure about all of the music choice. Bohemian Rhapsody is probably the highlight of the whole thing.

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When Fantasia was announced I was curious. I never doubted Harmonix, they've yet to let me down. After seeing it actually in action though, god damn, I am floored. This honestly looks like the kind of game that will sell me on an Xbox One.

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Just super fun to watch, it's a shame it's just for Xbox One.

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I was really skeptical when I first heard about this but MAN does it look cool.

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very cool looking game, definitely gonna get it for my future xbox one.

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Wow, this looks great! Seems like it's such a feel-good game to play!

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Rhapsody in Blue from Fantasia 2000!!!!!!!!!

Posted by joshrholloway

I'm not gonna lie, this seemed super dumb when I first heard about it, but the gameplay frankly looks amazing.

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This game looks awesome, could be a reason to get an Xbox one.

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really? they think fantasia today would have pop music? you know back in the day when they made fantasia they did have pop music? I wonder why they used almost uniquely classical music.. maybe the idea of making it timeless and not a fad with all the really cool music the kids are listening to today?

Yes it is missing Fantasia for me. The actual creative magic and the timelessness.
Sorry, it doesn't really look like the worse game in the world, but it seems rather shallow, like a mildly interactive music visualizer

.. also seems that it has a fair bit of problems reading movements too, she performed the moves quite accurately a bunch of times, and the kinect failed to read them at all..

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The only thing is that there should be clarification on the effects screen of how a certain direction affects the song

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Everything she did with those Prism-things made it sound worse. I don't know, maybe it's just me.

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I was all ready to hate but damn that Bohemian Rhapsody mix had me.

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How many colons can you chain together?

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This game actually makes me really bummed that I won't be getting a Xbox One.

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Looks cute, I guess.

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Interesting, really like the remixing.

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Wow. I actually really want to play that.

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Now all they need is a second version of the Bald Mountain level set to POWER.

It's pretty unfortunate that the new Kinect seems to be unresponsive in the same ways the first one is. Maybe the demo location is not an optimal environment, but registering a poorer performance than the player is giving is the kind of thing that absolutely needs to be ironed out.

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Oh my god, that looked amazing. Now I am really sad I won't be buying an XBOne.

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looks like it has 0 replay value, can you even fail?

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oh thats fuckin rad

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Pretty damn cool.

Was this the 360 version or the One version?

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@sydlanel: That is some intensely superficial criticism you have there. Allow me to correct it:

What you call "timeless" is no such thing. In its own time, much of the music you refer to was considered pop, not some "beyond human culture" objective classic. Wagner was criticized in his own time, in exactly the same way that 80's power-metal was: Too loud, just a fad, bad for the kids!

You are performing a very regressive exercise when you let yourself believe the lie of some music being more timeless or classic. The entire concept of "classical" music is sort of a misunderstanding - all kinds of things are lumped together under that label, and buying into it freely as you do, is only serving to narrow your understanding of the world, not broaden it. Some music is indeed of a very high quality and with a very broad resonance among many different people in many different cultures, but to somehow imagine that such music can't be found in the 20th or 21st century is pretty darn naive. How about new masterpieces? Is the best of Queen not as grand, well-composed and sweeping as the best of Wagner? It is silly to pretend, that we can't continue on the path that our musical forefathers laid down, and reach much further than they ever dreamed possible.

When Jethro Tull did their re-imagining of Bach's "Bourrée in E Minor", they built on the foundation laid by Bach, which was itself built upon a foundation laid by French dance music of the 17th century, which was no doubt built upon the foundation of earlier music and so on, all the way down to some pre-historic person making a pleasant rhythm with a stick and a log. By allowing your self the romantic view of so-called classical music, all you are doing is pointing to a very narrow and specific time in half a million years of human, cultural evolution, and claiming that the music from this time or this composer, must undoubtedly be better by some standard or other. It is silly, and it doesn't do YOU any favors, because it serves to cut you off from really appreciating the majesty of musical tradition: That it is ever evolving and borrowing and improving and testing the limits of what it can be. That it is NEVER stagnant, and that we should never demand it to be.

So begone with this naive criticism! "Bohemian Rhapsody" would have had both Mozart and Wagner cheering and clapping their little hands raw, and if you can't recognize why, then that is a failing of your own perception - not the hundreds of millions who think otherwise.

Oh... and the game looks cool, I guess.

Posted by Scampbell

This would actually be a reason to get Xbox One.

Posted by cbarnes86

@castiel: Is it an exclusive? I was thinking it was coming to 360 as well. Could be wrong

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How come Alex barely said a word?

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Fuck, I had written off the Xbox one and justified building a new PC because I won't be buying new generation consoles for a couple years after release at least but this game looks so good.

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Harmonix are an amazing studio. That's all I have to say

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Couldn't this theoretically be played with the PS Eye and two move controllers? *wishful thinking*

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@arondotcom: That was fantastic. Well done.

Love that this game exists and sad I won't be playing it.

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@sydlanel said:

really? they think fantasia today would have pop music? you know back in the day when they made fantasia they


have pop music? I wonder why they used almost uniquely classical music.. maybe the idea of making it timeless and not a fad with all the really cool music the kids are listening to today?

The "cool music the kids are listening to today?"

You mean Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody", which was a No.1 single back in 1975?

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Now I get this game looks fun, though I kind of doubt the Kinect will work in my bedroom even the new one.

Posted by pakattak

Man, FUN is really awful.

But this game looks dope as hell. I wish I could play it :(

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I don't get this game, just listen to music while moving your hands about? I get the subtle song changes, but it just doesn't seem like a game to me.