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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D

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The game that cockteased everyone into thinking Fallout

It was right after a Bethesda game, too

However, this still has me interested just because of the developer. The wasteland setting will also be great

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While I was seeing this trailer I was like, Fallout but with cars, then saw Mad Max, and I was even better!! Not that I don't want Fallout 4, but a Mad Max game sounds kinda awesome.

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Who runs Bartertown?

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If they had balls, they would try to get Mel Gibson for the voice over.

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holly shit this is from the Just Cause guys?? SOLD

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I'm really looking forward to this... Seems Fallout-y enough to make me ok with them not announcing a new Fallout just yet.. Also, THAT CAR!!

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I love Mad Max and was excited for this but damn. Unlucky spot. Being right before the whole Used Game thing.

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Does that mean we won't get Just Cause 3 for a few more years?

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I hope you can have a blue heeler companion.

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Mad Max is super dumb, I'm so glad to see that Avalanche is making this game. As long as they remember the scared pigeons I'm happy!

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@mcghee said:

If they had balls, they would try to get Mel Gibson for the voice over.

As Tom Hardy is playing the role in Mad Max: Fury Road it's more likely to be him.

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I would deep fry and eat my own grandmother for that car

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I absolutely LOVE Max Rockatasky.

I LOVE that he's getting a game.

But I'm a little afraid that I might be the only one this enthusiastic.

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I for one am 100% ready to "wage war over a tin of juice". However, not real keen if it's not set in Aus. Try to make Mad Max with U.S accents and you end up with Waterworld.

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They had better have goddamned Australian accents.

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Feral Kid as an unlockable playable character, please. Also the Lord Humongous. Also the gyro captain. Maybe Master Blaster.

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@hellforce said:

Does that mean we won't get Just Cause 3 for a few more years?

No, the head of the studio had said they are working on JC3 and another soon to be announced open-world game I believe. People assumed based on how much MS defense he was doing that the game might have been Crackdown 3, but I guess it has to be this right? I mean, this game has to be open world, right? RIGHT?!

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@mcghee: They probably don't want Mad Max to be antisemitic all the time.

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needs more Australians

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@plato84 said:

They better have bloody Australian accents.

fixed that for ya, mate ;)

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Nice. Hope its not going to suck... plez don't suck!

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I really really REALLY hope that this game ends up being good. This is one of those franchises that could make for a great video game, but it'd be real easy to mess up.

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"No! No more talk! We go in! We kill!"

--Ryan Davis reacts to E3 2013 equipment theft (in my imagination)

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Unlimited potential

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I want Just Cause 3.

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The Mad Max Apocalypse can' be to bad if I can tether two things together.

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I'm so fucking down for a Road Warrior game. So, I'm interested.

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Imagine all the bondage gear and spikes if there's a character creator...

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You know, in some strange and completely irrational way, I might just be looking forward to this game most out of all I've seen from E3.

I do love Mad Max, one of those forming movies of my childhood.

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Does anyone know if this game is at all tied to the upcoming movie starring Tom Hardy?