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great preview picture

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Yay! Vinny is amazing.

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kill all thieves

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That motherfucker Vinny Caravella, ladies and gentlemen. He's done it again.

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Dear god. E3 is terrifying.

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God damnit that intro is fucking amazing

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This shall be delightfully crazy.

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A purple Patrick!

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Free Basing Patrick

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What's wrong with you guys?

Edit: You won't ever get a second chance to have Queen on your soundtrack.

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Aww, yeah.

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This is magical.

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Should Giant Bomb videos be art?

Also, should art talk?

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Fantasia looks like it'll be great when you're on Acid...

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Vinny might be the best guy.

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You guys are weird mother truckers.

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GiantBomb coverage exceeds itself yet again

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That Fantasia game... very much reminds me of THIS

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Haha Vinny's editing.. So damn good.

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Vinny. Drew. You two are pure geniuses.

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That is some phenomenal editing at the beginning. Scratch that, phenomenal editing throughout. Vinny or Drew, whoever is responsible, fucking bravo.

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The editing for Giantbomb has only gotten better and better. You're killing it, Vindog!

Great video, guys. Can't wait for more.

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Every Patrick thumbnail is horrifying.

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Love you all.

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Scoops why do you look like Tom Jones in the thumbnail oh christ

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Yeah touch that PS4 controller

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Lmao @ brad and that controller

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That controller bit had me DYING. "Ribbed for my gaming pleasure."

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Oh man this is good stuff. Nice job guys!

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Vinny and Drew FUCKING KILLED with this video. Amazing.

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4 mins in, Vinny you are a editing god.

kickass video so far!

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Patrick is freebasing acid.

Vinny and Drew are my idols. I'm not to old to have idols so it's not creepy.

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Anyone know what the song played during the interview?

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So I heard that it's Vinny I have to thank to for masterpiece of an internet video.
He's a damn visionary.

also, hey Drew.

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Why is a John Drake and John Vignocchi interview so damn interesting oh yea, creeper Drake in the background

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Vinny and Drew. Thank you!

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Hahahahaha genius

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I am constantly amazed at how well edited these kind of videos are on Giantbomb.com

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Vinny is art.

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Great job on the video, guys!

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Vinny, you're an artist.

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This was absolutely amazing. I loved all the opening weirdness. Hilarious. I can't wait for Day 2.

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Fucking fantastic video.

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Pure gold.

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I was dying from almost every bit of the video, from Jeff sinisterly laughing with John-V to Brad loving the feel of the controller, this was awesome! Vinny and Drew, keep the win streak going.

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You guys are the fucking best.