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Posted by csl316

I'm strapped in.

Posted by SolidOcelot


Posted by langdon_alger

woo! les do this.

Posted by slindz

I get an error ):

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Posted by mrfluke

you know its a good E3 when Alex is smiling :P

Posted by Flappy

Alex! Never change, please!

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Alex rocking the ultimate creeper face.

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Hurray for more E3 videos!

Posted by Benmo316

Wait... I do what to the game? But seriously, another awesome GB video!

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Alex smiling? What the?

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a wild Cannata appears at the beggining in line!

Posted by Strife777

Man, what a shitty job it must be to play the zombie all day like that guy at the end.

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Alex's beautiful, thrilled visage blessing our video thumbnails

Posted by DharmaBum

Sick editing.

Posted by forteexe21

They didnt get to try/see Bayonetta 2 and Smash Bros.?

Posted by StoneGut

All these videos have been amazing in content and quality... awesome job guys!

Posted by KentonClay

When you play the game of Mario, you win or you die.

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I can't help but root for Nintendo. They just try so hard and they really mean it.

Posted by TyrellOCP

That walking shot of Alex at the end was super smooth. Props to whoever was running camera for that.

Cool seeing Joey pop up as well.

Posted by ebbsnone

Hey, Max Scoville!

Posted by Milkman

My god, walking around the show floor seems like an absolute nightmare. I used to think that journalists that complained about E3 were just whiners but I think I'm starting to get it.

Posted by devilzrule27


Posted by andrew2696

Is that Mario thing like that Nintendo Store thing where Charles Martinet is somewhere voicing it?

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Everyone shows some love for the PS4 controller, ha...that's nice. Definitely the best way to P L A Y T H E G A M E !

Posted by bledsoe9mm

what happened to project p100 ?

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Time to play the game!

Mu, Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

Ha, ha, ha

Its all about the game, and how you play it

All about control, and if you can take it

Posted by Ares42

Man, what a shitty job it must be to play the zombie all day like that guy at the end.

my first thoughts too. That ending just made me feel sad for the guy =(

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Posted by MildMolasses

Those TVs that Nintendo were using look great. I gotta get me one of them

Posted by inspectah



Posted by Maajin

That's the second cameo by Max Scoville on the daily videos.

Posted by OllyOxenFree

Joey! My second favorite Italian video producer!

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@bledsoe9mm: It turned into the Wonderful 101. Still looks pretty rad to me.

Posted by danimal_furry

There are some really pretty games.

Posted by siaynoq

Seeing those men in the mario and luigi hats just made me miss booth babes.

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Glad to see the BombSquad churning out the vids after the heinous camera crime of '13.

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Final Fight joke out of nowhere!

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Maybe it's because he's lurking in the shadows, but this dude makes a Luigi hat look crazy sinister. Happy Reich Year of Luigi!

Posted by legemamo

Thank god they improved the DS4 because moving from XBOX controller to that thing made me reconsider the pre-order of a PS4

Posted by DrDust

Nice seeing Joey, great video guys

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For some reason I feel really compelled to PLAY THE GAME.

Posted by FinlayHeslop

Play the GAME!

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That Zombie at the end was great!

Edited by teenmother

awkwardly long cut of the zombie actor at the end was the best

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thats a hairy ape

Edited by Knite

What's this background song called we hear from 4:19 to about 6:50?

Posted by fringefigure

Love seeing Max Scoville in a GB video.

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