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Posted by magicwalnuts

Looks really cool, and thank fucking god it's coming to PC.

Posted by Viking_Funeral

Respawn guys going 3 for 3 in creating new franchises? This almost looks like a reason to get an Xbone.

Then I remember the 24-hour thing and having a camera in my room during the NSA/PRISM era.

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I cant wait for this game. Spring 2014 is too far away.

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Do want.

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Afraid I see no personal interest in this. I don't think it's going to give CoD a run for its money.

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@jaydubya said:


It does absolutely nothing for me.


Posted by Driadon

Need to know how this plays first, methinks, but I likes me giant robots so that's a start

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Yay Booker DeWitt!

Posted by big_jon

Looks very cool, there are some fucking crazy FPS multiplayer games coming.

Posted by Pogobubba

Looks like it went from first person shoot dudes game to third person mech game when you got in one. Is an asymmetrical multiplayer mode too much to hope for?

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@yummylee: Seriously, I feel like a dick for complaining about a VA getting work but man, he's been the lead in like half the big games this year with a few more to follow next year and I can always tell it's him.

Posted by Mezmero
Posted by Schlookum

Sooooo? Shogo 2014?

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My cousin works for Respawn, so I'm glad to finally see this game after he's teased it for several years.

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lol, Troy Baker.

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I am very excited to see more!!

Fast, dirty, mechs(but not only mechs), online.

Stop whining. Enjoy the coverage!

Posted by KittyVonDoom

It looks kind of amazing, but yeah, an EA game for the Xbox One isn't exactly the most enticing prospect right now. Boo.

Posted by masterfaculty

I thought it looked pretty ill, but I dunno man...I may be unsold on an Xbox One after all the shit's gone down the last couple weeks.

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So glad this is coming to PC because this looks awesome and I don't want to buy an Xbox just for it.

Posted by metalsnakezero


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Chromehounds 2!!!

Posted by manbot47

sweet, Avatar Mechs: the game

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@fumn: The One game you're looking forward to? I see what you did there...

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This game is one of the only reasons I'm tempted to purchase an XBone, even then I'd hold off until this game comes out, I don't plan on buying one at launch.

Posted by mrcraggle

@trylks said:

Mechs using guns, because you put a dude in a mech so that he can use his hands and aim to move some other hands and aim with a giant gun.


Now think about Samus Aran.

Deal with that, because I can't...

I actually hate this type of mech design because it simply doesn't work and just looked dumb in Avatar. I understand arms I guess but why not have the guns apart of the arms?

Posted by MonkeyKing1969

So a science fiction base with sort of 'western pioneer' trope story, to which was added giant mechs and ground troops playing in one arena....so this is what Starhawk should havebeen.

This should be cool, but not enough for me to think I need an Xbox One. Time will tell, but my guess is that anyone HOPING this will stay exclusive will be disappointed by EAs nose of money.

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maybe when it's on the PS4... Or else they don't get my business.

Posted by ThePantheon


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