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the one i am looking forward to for sure.

Posted by tourgen

looks pretty fun

Posted by therealminime

This game looks pretty friggin crazy. Love the speed.

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Fuckin Baker... His prominence in video games has completely overshadowed Nolan North, even when he was at his most popular.

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This looks pretty awesome, Respawn had a big task of bringing something new to multiplayer FPSs and looks like they succeeded.

Posted by FunkasaurasRex

I wish I had a robot suit.

Posted by CitizenJP


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biohawkenblacklight: THE GAME

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It's like a Gundam mixed with those robot suits from Avatar.

Posted by CommanderGermanShepard

Ok I loved Call of Duty 4, this seems to be the next step in that genre.

COD + Starship Troopers + Transformers = FUCK YES!

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This looks incredible. Love the speed.

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I am so glad this is coming to PC.

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Ok, ok, I see... These are not the slow boring kind of mechs; I'm interested again.

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Is it just me or does it look super unnatural when a mech picks up a dude?

Posted by Luck702

This is honestly the only thing that excited me in that whole damned conference. This is the kind of innovation I've been wanting from Call of Duty. Jason and Vince have ambition.

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Yanking a dude out of the cockpit and throwing him? Was not expecting that.

I am interested in this game. Hoping for a PC version.

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Never played a COD game, but I like the look of these mechs. I hope the graphics are a little more face melting when it lands on PC. Looks more 360 era right now.

Posted by mrfluke

Looks fucking rad, definitely poised to be the successor to call of duty.

Posted by Zephyr
Posted by theveej

As someone who fell off COD multiplayer after MW2 this seems awesome. I love the speed, mobility and verticality of the game.

This seems to be a really smart and great get from Msoft. I'm sure it will play ok on my laptop, but most people don't have a PC able to even run recent PC games, so this might as well be a X1 exclusive.

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Really hope they post the gameplay video at some point.

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Future DeWitt?

Posted by Veektarius

Yeah, that's why I play video games.

Posted by Warfare

EA's reward to MS for the DRM.

Posted by GaspoweR

@zephyr said:

@sleepinglesson said:

I am so glad this is coming to PC.


It's in the leaked Game Informer July issue from last week. It was mentioned that it was coming to PC.

Posted by 49th

Looks so cool. Fucking mechs! This is something I want to play.

Posted by dr_mantas

Could be the thing that replaces Call of Duty.

Posted by avantegardener

Woah, I could be in after all. So many fine trailers recently, so much potential disappointment. :)

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Judging from the trailer, it seems they were trying hard to hide the fact that this was yet another FPS. If that 3rd person action is actually in the game, it could be interesting. Still not feeling compelled to buy an Xbone for it, though.

Posted by csl316

Looks quite cool. Haven't played a multiplayer shooter since Halo: Reach but I'm intrigued.

Posted by Tennmuerti

Not bad at all!

Posted by nnotdead

looks a like Starhawk mixed with COD. haven't been into COD for a while, and i didn't really like Starhawk. this could still turn out to be cool, but not going to buy an XBone for it.

Posted by MeatSim

You got me at mechs and jetpacks.

Posted by Jertornas

I hope they don't have regenerating health, that would make no sense.

Posted by super_machine

Sweet, Looks fun. I'll pick this up on my PC maybe. P(C)S4 next gen.

Posted by ch3burashka

Looks like I'll be getting at least a shot of Mirror's Edge this gen. Maybe EA's presser will be more generous.

Posted by Jayzilla

Wasn't a single exclusive game there that had me thinking i need this console. did anyone look at any of those games and feel like you needed this thing at launch?

Posted by Zleunamme

More work for Troy Baker.

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@urictheoddball: IIRC the game informer article mentioned it's coming to PC. Not to mention it uses the source engine so you can bet it will be distributed through steam.

Edited by Ghost_Cat

I'm actually quite excited about this one, but even more so that it's coming to the PC. Saves me $500!

Posted by GaspoweR

@darand said:

@urictheoddball: IIRC the game informer article mentioned it's coming to PC. Not to mention it uses the source engine so you can bet it will be distributed through steam.

Well, it IS also being published by EA so if they're involved they might want it as an Origin exclusive. Last big game they have published that came out on Steam was Alice: Madness Returns and Bulletstorm before that. KOA: Reckoning was self-published by 38 Studios on Steam and not EA surprisingly.

Posted by Zimcyre

IIRC Bulletstorm was GFWL (shudder). I don't hate Origin but I hope it comes to Steam.

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It does absolutely nothing for me.

Posted by Jedted

Looks like another sci-fi shooter with mechs.

Posted by Wiseblood

Finally, a new Shogo game.

Posted by AMyggen

OK, fast pace and mechs. This has me interested for sure.

Edited by McGhee

It still just looks like the same-old, same-old shooter to me.

Posted by TheWiki16

Big explosions make this look very enticing

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