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Posted by dezvous

This looks great! Killzone is a nice change of pace from most other FPS and it's going to be awesome to have one as a launch title!

Posted by nnotdead

loved KZ2 and thought 3 was ok. finding it a little hard to get too excited for another shooter though.

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If Killzone has to be a thing then its place is in a launch line-up. People want something pretty to play on their new consoles and Killzone fills that hole.

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It definitely looks colorful and vibrant.

Posted by Jakethesnakeyea

Really would've liked the spoilers not so obvious in the title...I know the game's old, but c'mon.

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What they showed today was a good complement to the more cinematic stuff in the reveal. The scouting prior to engaging is a good mechanic, definitely - similar to the kind of cold, calculating preplanning of firefights that Watch_Dogs seems to be going for.

Posted by Lazyaza

Oh man I hope they are paying their sound engineers well, they deserve it. One of the nicest sounding laser machine guns I've ever heard and sound is everything in an fps for me, the utter most crucial part of any that claims to be decent.

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So if this jumps ahead thirty years from Killzone 3, we never get to see Rico die? Damn. Maybe you can visit Rico in the hospital and watch him die of heart disease? That jerk needs some comeuppance.

Still a great series, glad to see some brighter colors.

Posted by SharkEthic

Yeeeaahh...no, I think I just about had it with shooting Helghast, thank you. Same shit, different gen.

Posted by MeatSim

I guess nobody learned from history.

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was that David Estes from Homeland?

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

looks good