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Come on guys. Someone's gotta comment on this sooner or later.

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Become a Champion is my favourite sport

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Motion controlled mountain climbing. . . . Overreaching in so many ways.

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Wow! Sporty things with a kinect thing! Who knew?!?

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$499 well spent

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Xbox Avatars finally look like PEOPLE!

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Throwing people off a mountain is a dick move.

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If this is not packaged in with the console, will it sell?

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Am i the only one that enjoyed the boxing? ill miss it.

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Kinect sports is probably the least shameful kinect game I own. If the nsa want to watch me doing anything, I guess pretending to climb mountains or shooting bowling will do.

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The Xbox just turned me into jetskiing Aziz Ansari!

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@edeo said:

The Xbox just turned me into jetskiing Aziz Ansari!


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Finally the return of Rares historic Kinect Sports franchise!

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Does this game not use avatars or have they redesigned avatars?

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TO quote Jeff, "WHOOOO CAAAARES?!"

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Carl Tapp, musician.