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Law wins!

Or does he?!

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Well, that wasn't helpful.

At least I know Power is Overwhelming. That's something I guess.

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this came out of left field and totally beat Dead or Alive to the punch-- even though it was announced after DOA's F2P thing. nice one! it's installin now

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I like this, my favorite fighting game.

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Where do they make money on this? Character customization?

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Ok, so it showed 8 characters at the beginning. If it lets us play those 8 and locks the rest of them behind paywalls, I think I'm still ok with this. Downloading it now to test it out, probably never would have bought a Tekken game so this is the best chance imma have to try one out. Neat idea, hope its good.

[Also the leveling in this game, how is that gonna work? If you can pay $$$ to lvl your character that's gonna be kinda scummy]

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I'm looking forward to all the free time I'll have to do other things once every game becomes free-to-play.

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@slunks said:

Law wins!

Or does he?!

Who else?

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If you tried Tekken Tag 2 and it was a little overwhelming, this is a good one to try. Thoughts:

  • System is simplified down and feels closer to maybe Tekken 5.
  • It's just 1 on 1, no bound combos, walk speed is a little faster. Think this is a more accessible Tekken that is a good entry point to the series.
  • Wish they'd get rid of 10 hit combos once and for all. They are such BS.
  • Whole ticket system is weird, from the hour I've played looks like if you win online matches you get a ticket which can work as a continue if you lose. If you lose you either have to use a ticket, the free battle coins which are tied to a timer, or pay for the premium coins. Basically if you keep losing it's like an arcade machine, you pay for continues or you can wait for your free battle coins to refresh after the set time.
  • Don't think you can pay to win, only get points by playing
  • Hope they bring in all characters and support this with customization.

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Yea I played a good chunk of it and im really put off by the F2P aspect of the game. It seems to be inspired more from mobile games then from PC titles like DOTA or LOL. Blog for deeper thougths. Which is a bummer since the game is essitnially TTT2 but 1v1 and is fun.

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Seemed pretty true to form. I like how they make you read the EULA as soon as you boot up the game. ......But I still skipped it anyway.

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I don't know how I feel about free-to-play fighters in general. I presume they are selling characters - which is great if you're the kind of person who only plays a couple of the fighters on the roster, but as someone who likes to use everybody that is less of a good thing.

Also, in particular with Tekken, I would probably expect them to sell cosmetic stuff. That would be a shame too because the amount of potential customisation was one of the best things about the series in recent years. I think I'll probably pass on this one unless I hear something far more convincing - I'll be back in straight away if they release a new full-price title, however.

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This could be cool.

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Need more of this in my life