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Posted by m16mojo2

haha, should be good

Posted by SWD

Posted by Joey?

Posted by Cerberus3Dog

@swd: Yeah I caught Joey in the E3 day two video on twitch last night. Might be an extra pair of hands for E3?

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Woah, Joey??

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@kaungo: @swd: Joey made the trip to E3 with Will to do a few E3 videos for Tested but primarily to do some freelance work for GB.

Posted by gkhan

Yeah, what's up with Joey posting this? Have you guys poached him from Tested or his he just doing you guys a solid on a busy week?

Posted by AnthonyWalkens

Spoilers!! The dog dies at the end....

Posted by csl316

Did GB rent Joey? Because that's always welcome.

Posted by RetroVirus


Posted by Maajin

Mark Rubin seems like a really cool dude.

Posted by Kbohls

Not particularly interested in Call of Duty, but this was a great interview. Rubin seemed to give some actual honest answers, which is always nice to see. Cool dude!

Posted by JohnRabbit

is it weird that i'm actually more interested in the game after he dropped all that sound design talk?

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Posted by ChrisTaran

This interview genuinely got me exctied for CoD:Ghosts. And I am generally not a CoD player/fan. Really dug Mark Rubin in this.

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Discussion on sound design, perhaps it is because BF has great gun fire sound so IW needs to step up their game

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Did he just say he ...PAWS..ed?

Posted by wjb


Posted by bledsoe9mm

this might be the stupidest thing i've ever seen

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Don't care about the video nor dog just came in to say JOEY!

Posted by Ghost_Cat

Say what you will about the new CoD game, but their new tech for audio effects sound mighty impressive. Almost like they finally heard how everyone praised the Battlefield series for its audio.

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I just love how the "big thing" in this game is the dog. lol

edit: also the dog is totally going to die now.

Posted by emem

Nice interview.

Posted by DJJoeJoe

Just want to share the moment the video paused for a bit while it buffered, great stuff when people are caught blinking in videos!

Is the zombies confirmed for this new CoD game yet?

Posted by librariangmr


Posted by naeblis213

The interview actually interested me in a Call of Duty game! Love seeing the developer as a human being rather than hidden behind a corporate logo. If the dog dies though, it's OVER!

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Underwater is literally the only remotely interesting thing this game has going for it.

Props to @jeff for a John Dudebro reference.

Posted by xseedx

Jeff already knows!

Sound expert!

Hi Joey!

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There was a third being in this video aside from Jeff, Mark Rubin... The humongous zit on Jeffs neck, I COULD NOT STOP LOOKING AT IT! I wanted to pop that sucker so badly!

Posted by RVonE

Wait, this was posted by Joey. How does that work?

Edited by NeilRapalee

Come on Jeff. No Neversoft questions? Is there a Tony Hawk level like Grind? Can I make a custom skater? Can I get custom grip tape? Are the Apocolypse game boxes at the end of the inevitable mall level?

These are the important questions that I need answers to.

Posted by maxB

I want all dogs Call of Duty

Posted by Chris2KLee

@box3ru13 said:

Don't care about the video nor dog just came in to say JOEY!

Think he tweeted he was going to help out. The old alliances are honored.

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I want dog time all the time! No playable human characters.

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They were totally going to kill the dog.

Posted by Mezmero

All that talk about Navy SEAL dogs made my brain explode. Glad those dogs are on my side. Great job asking the hard hitting questions Jeff. Looking forward to more awesome interviews.

Edited by MathewMcGee

@tormasturba: I feel like a dick but I saw the zit too...

Anyway I'm not a COD guy at all really. COD 2 was sweet on PC back in the day though.


Posted by deject

They're totally going to kill that dog. Bastards.

Posted by danlongman

I think its just me but I cringe everytime i hear people say CAWD instead of C O D for call of duty

Posted by blacklab

If you kill the dog, I'm out. 100%

Posted by BasketSnake

I think its just me but I cringe everytime i hear people say CAWD instead of C O D for call of duty


Posted by TheSouthernDandy

@csl316 said:

Did GB rent Joey? Because that's always welcome.

I wish I could rent Joey.

....yeah I mean it like that.

*creepy laugh*

Posted by Barnold

He'll always be Colin to me!

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after CoD: Ghosts, IW is going full-on dog middleware.

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Having a dog is such amazing innovation, my mind is so BLOWN!

I'll be flying helicopters into collapsing skyscrapers, thanks for the dog though.

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Hahaha, when the camera is on Mark and Jeff is holding the mic out the background image behind the video makes it look like he is incessantly smiling at Mark. Priceless.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

They should have a multiplayer mode where everyone is the dog

Posted by Alyssia

Jeff looks exhausted in this video.

Posted by ZZoMBiE13

If they don't put Snoop Dogg (Lion) in the "Soldier in All of Us" trailer this year, I will be sorely disappointed.

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