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Posted by jaklap

Really wish I had a PS3 for this.

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I can't wait to download half of this and start playing.

Posted by takua108

Isn't this out in like, a couple hours? Or something?

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i love everything about this game and im so hype for it... except for the zombies anyway

Posted by ANDS

They are not zombies, and other than them being there to form the background that drives the narrative (which is the relationship between these two characters) they are pretty secondary. This is very much a human story.

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@lobotomyking: Yeah, as the above said, they actually are not zombies. But they function like zombies (mindless creatures to kill that will swarm the player character). That said, you should be looking forward to this, from most accounts it's a great narrative and has some terrific set pieces.

Posted by Jonnyflash80

I'm so excited for this game.

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

I can't watch this. I'll wait for the game. Really excited for this!

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I can't wait to play this! Also, a sequel of some kind is bound to come for the Ps4 down the road at some point. Knowing how Naughty Dog can push hardware, not to mention how they always deliver on awesome games, THAT is something that I'm really looking forward to as well.

Posted by Krathoon

Had to go through Ebay to get a Survival Edition. Buttheads.

Posted by MeatSim

Troy Baker can drop his voice waaaay down.

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Gonna RedBox it boooyyyyyyy

The southern drawl made me think of Justified for some reason. Now I wish this was Raylan Givens in the apocalypse.

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Two more days, can't wait!

Posted by danimal_furry

got my order for tomorrow, and all of next week off from work. Guess what I will be a master of in a week.