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I love how Drew is wide awake and ready to take on the day!

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Fuck yeah I love all this video content!

Haha that ending is great. :D

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Gonna sound like a dick and say I was really down after watching "Our first day on the floor" video but this looks amazing and just what I want from GB @ E3. Kinda the PREMIUM e3 content.

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"streetpassing device" is a pretty great descriptor for the 3DS

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Does anyone know what camera Drew is using? Really nice quality video from that.

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Drew! It's Drew, guys! You know Drew! We like him!

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Drew Day!

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Giantbomb is just the best videogame site in the world. and this is why

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Really really fantastic coverage guys!

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It's time to shutdown Giantbomb and throw all of CBS' money behind a website revolving around Drew.

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Drew is such a fantastic duder. Thanks for this, very cool.

Also, Drew did you edit all this? While still doing E3 stuff? You are one efficient man.

EDIT: Just got to say, the audio mixing on this is fucking fantastic. Great job.

EDIT 2: OH HOLY SHIT that ending.

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Brilliant stuff Drew.

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"gonna be totes sick on kinect"

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This is like all of my Giant Bomb dreams came true.

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This is awesome!

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:vinny "Nobody can stand in front of a Helicopter for that long"

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Fantastic video! I've been seriously missing Vinny in the Giant Bomb's E3 coverage so far.

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HA Random Will Smith and walking Pachter!

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hahaha I loved the the random cut to the xbox twitch chat saying "it's gonna be totes cool on the kinect" Great work Drew.

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This is really great. Looks like a lot of fun! I love the coverage so far, thanks a lot!

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<3 Drew!!

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Thank you Drew.

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One of the great things about E3 with Giant Bomb is that I feel like I'm actually doing something exciting, even though just Locked Down in my room for three days straight. Baby.

Drew really does some great, long videos. That ending was bonkers.

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The end of this video is incredible.

Drew, you are a genius.

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That ending. I cannot unsee.

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Great piece of video!

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@saltedpork: It's a Panasonic mirrorless. Drew gave the link out on twitter but I can't remember the model number.

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This is fucking awesome.

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Omfg ending had me laughing for a few minutes straight!... how did he find the time do clip that so well with all of the E3 Mayhem going on?!

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This video was totes cool, man. Especially that ending.

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Omg Drew and Vinny best video ever. Love the ending. I sure hope you get your new gear soon

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Awesome work Drew! The wrap up videos and behind the scenes stuff like this is always amazing.

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Loved that ending, thanks for the vid Drew !

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Ha! Love the behind the scenes stuff and that last moment is really great.

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Drew is a fantastic dude. What a great ending!

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Well done Drew. The video production is top notch.

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great video and an incredible ending! holy shit!

well done drew

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"Fuck this, fuck that, fuck you..."

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Fantastic video with a twist ending.

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omg that ending

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Twist ending??!

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God damn it you guys have been hitting out of the park with your video content lately. Great job as always. Big props to Drew and Vinny.

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the best ending!