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This looks dope and coming to PC. Sold!

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Let's see how the gameplay compares to the general vibe of crazy.

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I love ACE Team.

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Hope this comes out for mobile - looks like it could be a great 3DS game.

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So we have a character with clothes but no body, a character with a body but no clothes, and one with both.

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Uhhh... is that one lady completely naked? Hmm.

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This game looks cooler the more and more they show it. The fighting game influence is obvious.

Wait, July 15?! OH SHIT THAT'S SOON

Cannot wait.

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I like those animations. Looks smooth.

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Looks weird. Might be interesting!

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I'm getting a strangely Symphony of the Night-esque vibe from this trailer. Between the music, the gothic designs, the leveling up, and the little map in the corner?

...I am interested.

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Abe's Odyssey has changed...

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I really like the art on this one. Interested. Its a really interesting team - Zeno Clash was weirdly fun.

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I was super into that trailer and then it was a 2D sidescroller.

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Looks promising. Definitely keep an eye out for.

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Well they certainly have the music and art down.

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I feel like the art design could have been more interesting, perhaps a more vibrant color palette would have helped a lot too. I dunno the visuals just don't pop like the Zero games do and man do I love them Zeno games.

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While I doubt it's like the GBA/DS Castlevanias, I'm getting that vibe. I like that vibe.