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Posted by AngelN7

I was waiting for a "bitches!" right there in the end but I guess that's why this isn't called Crackdown 3

Posted by MasonL87

So it's just called "Crackdown"?

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I really hope all that destruction is in the actual game.

Posted by PurpleSpandex

I hope the destruction is cool. Also, Agent.

Posted by spoodie

How many virtual innocents died in the adjacent builds just to get to one man?

Posted by big_jon


Posted by 1337W422102

Best be some lady Agents, Agent.

Posted by RobertOrri

Maybe this time they'll design it so that when you have just one orb left you'll hear it from much farther away.

Yes, I never found that last one in the original game.

Posted by Robopengy

Wow, Jeff totally called it. It was Jeff, right?

Posted by BigBoss1911

Spent hours upon hours upon hours upon hours and hours getting those agility orbs on the first game. I'v never been so focused in collecting items in a video game in my life.

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and the horrible addiction to orb collecting ensues and takes forever to get perfect skills only cause i will kill civilians and end up going from level five back to one

mayhaps the freaks and cell make another appearance?

Posted by fox01313

Wicked cool.

Posted by chilipeppersman

diggin the destruction here

Posted by steveurkel

did someone else mention the 3 penises in the logo

because damn

Posted by Zurv

skillz for killz!

i hope it is better than the second. I missed the "in door" parts of it from one.

Posted by Darson

I wanna play dominos

Posted by noslave

hope its more like the first, 2nd game left me cold, not sure why. also cars in the first were cool the way they transformed depending on you're lvl.

maybe we\ll get another mercenaries soon to.


Agility Orbs or no buy.

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Here's what they must do in Crackdown 3:

1) Don't rob the gangs of their personality by going all politically correct. I liked the gangs the way they were. And don't replace them with one, bland, sanitized, uninteresting gang-ish-like organization thing.

2) Stop trying to make the orbs smarter - we don't need orbs that elude us, just ones we can find.

3) Don't make the mutants the focus of the game. Why you'd take the least interesting creature and make it so prominent is beyond me.

4) Add a female agent. Chicks like the game too and they'd like it even more if that choice existed.

5) Give the damn game a story so we have a reason to want the baddies to meet Mr. Mayhem.

In other words, DON'T MAKE CRACKDOWN 2!! Make Crackdown 1 but with the even greater draw distance and bigger world (thus longer gameplay) the XBone allows and we'll be happy happy happy!!