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Posted by drew327

Looking pretty nice

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Well, I am of the firm opinion that robots, even ancient magical robots, improve any game that they are ever put in. So yes, I am quite excited for this. I'll almost certainly buy a WiiU whenever this comes out.

Posted by MooseyMcMan



Posted by evolvedtolive

Open-world female-protagonist Zelda. Yes!

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Posted by The_Vein
Posted by tildebees

what if zelda was a girl

Posted by Tally_Pants

I have always wanted an Elder Scrolls-ish style of Zelda game since the first time I played an Elder Scroll game.. consider me HYPED

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It says Zelda on it. Take my money.

Wait... it doesn't say "Tingle" on it anywhere does it?


Posted by Nick

Looks like I need to pick up a Wii U at some point now...

Posted by Bedouin
Posted by Benmo316

I've watched this trailer about five times so far. It's just so good. I love the art style. Though I'm surprised there's no uproar about Link wearing blue and not green. 2015: Year of the Wii U.

Posted by Daneian

Thank fuck

Posted by Shaanyboi

Look so damn good.

Posted by Scrawnto

@benmo316: Haven't multiple Zelda games started with Link in regular clothes before getting his green clothes? In Wind Waker he even starts out wearing blue. I'd be surprised if he never ended up in green in this game.

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Wasn't a Link Between Worlds approachable from different angles? I did not play it, so I don't know. He's talking about going to random dungeons instead of going from dungeon 1 to 2 and so on. He's probably excluding handheld Zelda games or something

Posted by toots

awesome. Will this make me buy a wii-u........before it was a no, now it's a, we'll see...

looks a lot different!

Posted by Evilsbane

This could be really special. The open field they showed looked pretty sick, and I like how they are describing the game as completely non-linear.

Posted by Ford_Dent

I am ridiculously into this. An open world Zelda for the first time since what, Zelda II? Sign me the fuck up.

Posted by paulunga

Yeah, I was also confused about Link's gender in this trailer. Is he a girl or did he just become even more androgynous?

Posted by PillClinton

Yeah, I'll probably get a Wii U just for this.

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I'd love it if nothing were gated except maybe for harder enemies. If you are a bad enough dude you can just Wood Sword your way through the entire game with 3 hearts.

I am curious if there will be such a thing as builds in this game. Archer, Swordsman, Magician/Engieer maybe?

Posted by YukoAsho

Not bad. Not bad at all. Certainly looks like something I could get into, which I haven't been able to say about an LoZ game in ages.

Now I'm just worried about that nebulous 2015 date... If it's late 2015, then the Wii U's going to have a tough time ahead of it...

Posted by crithon

interesting, not what I was expected. Really have to set back expectations since the 3DS game last Christmas was SOOOO AMAZING!!!

Posted by MannyMAR

So, I'm guessing this Link was trained by Geralt of Rivia. Jokes aside, this game looks stunning.

Posted by Beyond_Recall

HD Zelda hype! This looks gorgeous, and I'm really excited to see how the new emphasis on freedom of progression turns out.

As for Link's gender, that design is definitely more feminine than usual, but I think it's still meant to be a dude. If it were a girl, they probably would've given her a more distinct bust. (Unless they're deliberately keeping it ambiguous for now...)

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Posted by JackSukeru

I like so much of what was said and what was shown. Loving the artstyle and hey, I wouldn't mind if going green tunic would be completely optional as well. There are still a lot of unknowns, but for now I'm excited and that feels nice.

Posted by kindnivore

As always, Nintendo impresses with their graphical style. It's amazing what their creative team can accomplish on such a handicapped system.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

Year of the Grass 2014/5?




Posted by DickSocrates

People wondering how the Wii U could produce such visuals should remember, it *is* more powerful than PS4/360 in most ways, and if you compare it to GTAV and take into consideration it not needing anywhere near the same level of CPU as there are no peds or cars to process, I think it's completely possible it is genuinely running on Wii U hardware. And the reason no one had ever done anything that looked like this before is because no one else is Nintendo. Why is no one else producing Disney quality cartoons and animations? No one else is Disney.

Posted by Crono

I might buy a Wii U at this rate.

Posted by spiceninja

what if zelda was a girl

Do you know if metroid has a gun for a hand or is his hand just a gun?

Posted by Alek

Buying a WiiU 2015 then.

Posted by freakin9

You trying to make me feel bad I've never been the biggest of Zelda fans Nintendo?

Posted by AsherV20

I. ...son of a bitch.

Posted by ptys

Looks great! Should be out just in tine for their next console.... sigh.

Edited by axlvandamme

Meh. Why are Nintendo fans so easily impressed? Not a fan of the art style at all. I was really hoping for dark, gritty Zelda....a la Majora's Mask. I guess I'll keep waiting.

Posted by OrdinaryPanda

Looks very good. Nice cross of the more realistic Zelda games with a touch of cel shading.

In the World Design Dept: Nintendo might have caught on that their original fans are adults now, and get their exploration kicks in worlds more like the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. A Hyrule with lots of nooks and crannies, heavily layered areas and dungeons could be a very worthwhile game.

Is it bad for me to be a little happy when Nintendo consoles aren't doing well? They seem to bring out their best stuff when they're cornered.

Edited by hoonsama

Hopefully Nintendo's definition of "open world" isn't anything like Skyrim: boring, bland, and devoid of any charm.

Posted by Tomac

@axlvandamme: Because it looks really good? I was also hoping for a darker sort of Zelda game but Nintendo has changed my mind.

Edited by Dallas_Raines

I'm super excited to see everybody aping Elder Scrolls(Witcher, Dragon Age, Tomb Raider, this), last generation everything wanted to be Call of Duty, even the JRPGs. I'll take more Skyrims over COD any day.

Posted by billyok

Meh. Why are Nintendo fans so easily impressed? Not a fan of the art style at all. I was really hoping for dark, gritty Zelda....a la Majora's Mask. I guess I'll keep waiting.

There's 10 million dark and gritty open world games. There's one that looks like this.

Posted by golguin

I don't remember the last time I was this hyped about a Zelda game.

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@hoonsama said:

Hopefully Nintendo's definition of "open world" isn't anything like Skyrim: boring, bland, and devoid of any charm.

I don't think the world of Skyrim is the problem. For me it's the stiff combat and character movement that makes it boring. I think the world is the most impressive thing about Skyrim.

Posted by MikeLemmer

@bbk said:

There's 10 million dark and gritty open world games. There's one that looks like this.

On the other hand, Majora's Mask doesn't look like them, either.

On another note, nobody's complaining about the cel-shaded look of Zelda this time!

Edited by hoonsama

@clapmaster: Yea, I can see what you mean. My takeaway from playing Skyrim was that it was praised for its open world yet I had no desire to explore it due to the sum of all the other parts. The world was pretty if I stood at a certain location but sloppy controls and immersion-ruining NPCs/events ultimately killed my experience.

Posted by TheHT

Totally looks like a female Link. That'd be cool!

Either way, game sure looks beautiful.

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