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It looks alright actually. I realised this only the other day while playing the 3DS version of Lost World (That game is everything wrong with modern Sonic games and more.) Holy shit do I hate Roger Craig Smith's Sonic voice. It makes me want to punch Sonic repeatedly in the face.

As I said, it seems alright... not the awful mess Jeff made it out to be on the Bombcast, but hey Lost World on the Wii U looked incredible and look how that turned out.

My continued positivity for Sonic will surely result in me crying and curled up in a ball on the floor this November.

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Maybe I'm a tad late with this question, but...should Sonic talk?

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Maybe Big the Cat is part of the "Evil Alliance"? Gotten sick of being everyone's punching bag.

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@gunstarred: One of Sonic's "witty" quips in the game:

"Rings! Omnomnomnom"

This thing needs to die in a fucking fire.

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@pakattak said:

@gunstarred: One of Sonic's "witty" quips in the game:

"Rings! Omnomnomnom"

This thing needs to die in a fucking fire.

Actually, after watching that five minute video with the offending omnomnom now, I can see where Jeff is coming from. I take back that it looks ok. It looks like shit and some of the dialogue makes me want to punch all of those animals in the face.

Whoever thought that a Sonic game needed to be centered around tethering shit and throwing it at things also needs punching in the face. This game looks strangely similar to Ratchet & Clank All 4 One... just worse.

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Knuckles has gotten really big into cross-fit and supplements apparently.

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@gunstarred: Optimistic to disappointed in half an hour: the Sonic cycle is narrowing!

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So it's a dumber Sonic Heroes 2 without Team Chaotix? Think I'll pass.