Posted by Ferny84

This looks pretty awesome!

Posted by MjHealy

When they described this as looking like Metroid, they did not fuck around. This looks great.

Posted by Turambar

Something about the way it looks feels a bit off putting. I'll still take it though.

Edited by tourgen

aaaaaaggg making us wait until 2015. Looks so fun. Vita!

Posted by yukoasho

And I fully expect it to be digital only.... LE SIGH...

Posted by Jennifyre

Pretty sure Patrick showed this off before, and it's also coming to Steam.

Posted by Zeeman155

White Robo Lady Masks attached to walls by giant cables is always menacing.

Posted by Grulet

Why are you so far away, 2015? Oh well, at least it looks like it'd be worth the wait.

Posted by Sunspots

There were about three games I got excited about during E3. Axiom Verge is one of them.

Posted by RedJimi

Turrican, anyone?

Posted by kennybaese

Stuff like this is why I bought a Vita. It's my awesome little indie machine.