Posted by Fyrtail

I could not be more excited. Well, I could if I owned a Wii U.

Posted by development

Looks really fun, but, graphically-speaking, it looks rough.

Posted by Ltwood12

I am so glad this exists.

Posted by Lazyaza

Perhaps some day we'll get an uprezzed port to ps4/one and then everyone who wanted to play this will finally be able to.

Edited by coaxmetal

Man I might have to borrow a wiiu or get one used or something. This is all nintendo showed that im excited for, but i'm really excited for it.

Posted by Doskias

I loved the original Bayonetta, and I have a WiiU.

I'm one of the nine people who will buy this. Woo!

Posted by simian

Enjoyed the first so I'll probably pick this up but I've got weird, uncomfortable feelings about the outfits they're putting into the addition.