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not the best trailer they could have put out

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Where's the power cookie???

Posted by fishmicmuffin

If every mini-game uses the Wii U gamepad in an interesting way like in the trailer, this could be all right?

Posted by Balljingo

Super hate the "everyone moves together" crap from the last Wii one. Too bad it's still there, some of this looks fun.

Posted by Nictel

Oh wow they fixed the problem with the terrible AI: You play the AI.

Posted by Zeeman155

Looks like they stuck with the "travel together" thing from the last mario party, but these mini games look really cool and original with the gamepad!

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Man, I am never going to get the Mario Party game I want. I just want one that's like the old ones (board game + minigames) with online multiplayer.

Posted by ptys

Nintendo is really scratching my itch right now. IMO is takes about three years for a console to ripen so a new Wii U should last me till the PS4 is ready.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Oh, hey, it's that sort-of uninspired boss fight from Mario Party 5.

Posted by CrocBox

Traveling together sucks, but I'm into playing as Bowser.