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Posted By Castiel

Well I'm just gonna watch this video again as preparation for E3 2015.

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Posted By wonderva

If @drewbert or anyone can help me out, what is the camera Drew is using to record this (I think it appears in the first 2 seconds)? I'm looking for a portable camera to take with my on vacation for pictures, but mostly video. The quality seems pretty good!

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Posted By LandonRobinson

Dru, I can't begin to tell you how good this video is and how much more of it I'd love for you dudes to make.

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Posted By ElStevo

Great video!

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Posted By NicksCorner

Really awesome video! Great look behind the scenes and very entertaining.

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As always, great work Drew!

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Nice Das Boot reference @drewbert.

I just watched that movie for the first time this weekend, then today finally got around to watching this, so I got quite the kick out of it.

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You guys rock! Thanks for doing this Drew.

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I love the production. You guys are great.

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@pwnmachine: Dunno if you're actually serious about that MGS timeline stuff, but you're wrong. Mother Base in TPP is not Big Shell, that's a fact. And Solid Snake wasn't even born at the end of MGS3.

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Posted By LiQuid3600

Awesome video Drew. These documentary style videos are among my favorites at Giant Bomb. You can tell you put a lot of effort into them.

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Did patrick just empty out to last of his zoji onto the table cloth? What a douche.

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Great video guys! Drew, you're the man.

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The Sea Base is obviously Big Shell, I assume from the ending of GZ that Chico ends up being very similar to "Jack" aka Raiden. I can't wait for PP, from what I can tell I would not doubt if David Hayter makes an appearance in the Phantom Pain. With the timeline solid snake would have intersected with big boss closer to the end of mgs3, which GZ follows up.

Ps. Great job on the behind the scenes Drew!.

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Posted By Heycalvero

Wait wait wait. ALEXIS Navarro? What?

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Posted By Jared

Awesome video guys! It was really cool to see what you guys do behind the scenes for an E3. Keep up the great work!

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Alien Isolation is pretty fucked, I can attest after having played it. So awesome! Really need to acclimatise yourself to playing it differently as more a stealth game (no lights, no running) but even more restrictive because of the xenomorph's unpredictability.

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Another fantastic feature. Thanks Drew and co.!

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Anyone else see that blurry figure at 2:51 and think of Ryan?

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Absolutely loved this. I would love to see more content like this on the site.

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Everyone has said it already but screw it, one more time can't hurt - Excellent video! Was fun to get another chance to see how E3 goes down when you cut away the BS

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This was awesome! Thanks!

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Awesome video. Thanks, Drew.

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Music and editing reminds me of an episode of Louie.

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I absolutely love these videos Drew and the crew do. Great job!

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This was really cool. Thanks to Drew and everybody!

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I am always blown away by the professionalism that underlies the insanity we actually see. Good job to the crew, and great job on the fantastically made little mini-documentary that lets us appreciate what you guys go through.

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Posted By Mr_Creeper

These are some of my favorite videos on the site. Keep it rollin', Drew!

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Documentary quality.

However, I didn't plan on having Brad's mad dog eyes greet me every time I visited Giantbomb.com for quite this long.

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Thanks for the behind the scenes content, love it =)

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I really loved this video. Good times. You guys are killing it with awesome.

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I absolutely love the behind-the-scenes stuff. Thanks to everyone on the crew for a fun and informative E3!

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Great video. Thank you, guys!

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Can't wait for the Isolation Spookin with Scoops.

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Great job painting the picture of how things are at E3. Also great production value to complement the "talent". Keep up the great work!

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Seems like a lot of stressful work but make no mistake you guys still have a dream job. Thanks for the awesome video.

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These behind the scenes looks, are great!