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This was well-made, informative and fun. :D

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Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the stuff we want to see!!!

This is literally my favorite stuff on Giant Bomb. You guys do a fantastic job. Thanks for putting this up.

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And here I was, ready to sleep tonight.


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Good timing Drew!

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Oh there was a behind the scenes E3 production video from last year?

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Is that an Eames lounge chair in your hotel room?

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This is so fantastic, Drew. I love you so much! <3

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This is quickly becoming one of my most favorite thing about E3.

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@hugh_jazz: @charlesalanratliff: Thanks a lot!

It's not Iceland, but this is pretty awesome.

EDIT - Patrick great work, but your last question for Bloodborne should have been, "Will there be lizards?"

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@huser: Watch it all the way to the end, it's super awesome.

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That breakfast bit made me hungry. Also, love these videos @drewbert

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I don't think Brad justsaw Evolve guys.

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brad has great sunglasses

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@huser said:

Oh there was a behind the scenes E3 production video from last year?

Yep! It's sooooo good. E3: The Longest Day

Don't forget that you can EMBED sweet VIDEO CONTENT right here into POSTS on this dope WEBZONE!

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Yes! I love this behind the scenes stuff! Great work team!

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@drewbert - Thanks for another Behind the Scenes look at E3! Awesome!

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Oh gosh this video looks good. Anyone recognize the kind of camera drew is using at the beginning?

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I felt compelled to GIF this

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That was amazing.

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Gosh, I'm sure the guys just love it when people in the community point out their weight or hairlines.(or start acting like creeps whenever a woman appears on screen)

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Holy shit, this may be one of the best videos on the site. This year's E3 coverage has been incredible. My compliments to the squad, but especially the behind the scenes video wizards. Great content this year!

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Yes! This kind of content is awesome! Thanks Drew and the gang!

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At about 17:52 "stairs" is spelled wrong in the subtitles.

Not sure if you can easily go back and fix that but I thought I might try to help?

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So Awesome

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Wait, so the their live show space was at the convention center this year?

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That was absolutely fantastic. Great job Drew.

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Drew you're amazing for cranking this out so fast!

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Super neat! I really like the saturation and texture of that handheld. Behind the scenes stuff is always fascinating.

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Phantom Pain sounds cool.

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Great job. Always good to see behind the scenes stuff. Good insights on Alien. Looking forward to the Quick Look of that. Excellent work from everyone this E3.

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That music at the end was fucking perfect.

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I missed you so much, Drew. Thanks for this everyone, the insight from Patrick and Brad in particular was really interesting. I'm so much more hyped for Phantom Pain, and any worries about Bloodborne have dissipated after listening to you GB dudes.

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Freakin' amazing. Loved it.

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Excited that Inquisition still sounds pretty actiony.

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Oh man, I really appreciate this video, you guys! This was awesome! :D

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Great stuff guys. Thanks for sharing another one of these looks behind the scenes!

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Love these types of videos! Thanks much!

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Amazing, even the behind the scenes stuff is brilliantly edited.

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Love the behind the scenes videos, many thanks Patrick and Drew (and everyone who contributed). Brilliant.

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Only nine minutes in, but this is really beautifully shot.