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I am the e3 hype train

Posted by Ganonmaster

Maximum hype.

Posted by Stryker115

Choooo Choooo!

Posted by cooljammer00

I have to wait till the stream is over to watch this!

Posted by ELpork

Very well edited.

Posted by Dezinus

Drew is the greatest video editor of all time, I will fight you if you disagree.

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As always, amazing editing. Nice job.

Posted by ripelivejam

happy patrick is best patrick

Posted by neochadnezzar

This recap had a different feel from the Caravella classics. I'm interested in seeing what kind of stuff Zac can continue bringing in. Nice work!

Posted by FlipperDesert

I hope Conan found his jacket. :(

Posted by Beyond_Recall

Put out an Amber Alert for Conan's jacket!

Posted by GalacticPunt

Where is Conan O'Brien's jacket?


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Mortal Kombat X looks too disgusting to play.

Posted by Hailinel

Not enough Hyrule Warriors talk.

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Vinny... Drew... Whoever Edited This... you've outdone yourselves with this one.

That was fucking fantastic.

EDIT: It was Zac! Holy hell that was great.

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So is this Zac fella the new behind-the-scenes production hire? If he did the editing on this then nice job.

Posted by ptys

I just booked myself a Wii U!

Posted by Stimpack

The editing is getting weirder all the time, man.

Posted by wumbo3000

The Patrick/Jeff relationship of Yoshi games is like a something out of a sitcom.

Posted by josc

Oh man the editing! I need more of this!

Posted by Vuud

I bet Conan looks like a fucking space alien in person.

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Event recap/highlight videos are always one of my most anticipated pieces of content on GB.

And still they never disappoint.

Kudos once again @vinny and @drewbert (and whoever else is working on these).

Posted by devine1210

RIP Conan's jacket

Posted by Lightningproof

Always a shame when an event that should be fun ends in tragedy. RIP Conan O'Brien's jacket.

Posted by budgietheii

God bless Alex for not allowing the Face-Off reference to pass.

Posted by cbk486

Is it me or are the audio levels off in this video? :(

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This is the Citizen Kane of E3 show floor highlight videos.

Posted by Rocospi

Holy shit, I guess I could never really tell when Brad was sitting on the studio couch, but damn he got THICK.

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God bless Alex for not allowing the Face-Off reference to pass.

Best thing in this video.

Posted by cloudymusic

@seikenfreak: Zac posted on Twitter a couple weeks back that he'd be helping GB with some video-related stuff for E3, but that he was not the new hire.

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Jeff's Bayonetta + blue room joke was quick, I almost missed it haha

Posted by drugged

Great editing! Such an entertaining video - is there any point of other sites trying to compete?

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Posted by... who?

Posted by Cinnase7en

Rainbow Six looks pretty fucking great. I want that in my face.

Posted by JonKrag

Brilliant Video.

Posted by Encephalon

I'm loving this ongoing Yoshi storyline.

Posted by Bill_P

Great stuff. Thanks Jeff!

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@bushlemon: Zac Minor, formely of Rev3. He's been helping out Vinny and Drew this E3 and I'm guessing this is a trial run for him as potentially the new producer.

Also, this was fucking glorious!

Posted by MosaicM80

Man, fantastic editing in this! Not sure if this was Vinny (my guess) or Drew, but damn good job! And yeah, lot of people I have no clue who they are posting on GB during E3. I assume some are mods and since I'm not really a forum junkie I never really pay attention to that area. Either way, glad the crew has some help!

Posted by gbrading

Moment of E3: Jeff's super-slow, deadpan shake of the head when looking at the new Yoshi game. I almost fell out of my chair. Someone gif that!

Posted by MjHealy

I look forward to these videos every year and they are getting better and better. Kudos to Vinny and Drew. Great stuff.

Posted by DarkbeatDK

Hyrule Warriors is the proper Zelda game we've all been waiting for.

Posted by Hew7

Great jobs guys, loving the coverage.

Posted by CairnsyTheBeard

Whoever the editor is, keep it up as it's great and gives a nice different 'feel' to some of the videos, sometimes you want a little production values!

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HAHA Conan.

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Slick as always, best part of E3 is GB coverage for me.