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What a great trailer. Absolutely beautiful!

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Robespierre = Al Mualim reincarnated?

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These scenes always look so badass and they reel me in to want to recreate these moments in game.

Then I proceed to run into walls and the camera freaks out during the quicktime event fighting and I fall off a roof and die. Oh and then the timer runs out and I DEE SYNC

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Really don't care for the outfit this time, its actually turning into a deal breaker. It just looks so posh and doesn't have the badassitude of the other assassin's clothes. Thats what I think anyway.

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Awesome trailer.

And Lorde did a good job with her rendition of the song.

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Looks interesting but the cover was terrrrrrible.

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Best trailer of E3 in my opinion.

Not that I ever, EVER, want to play the game. #FuckAC3

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Such a terrible cover =_=

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Robespierre = Al Mualim reincarnated?

I can definitely see this as another example of Assassins and their movements getting played and co-opted by Templars.

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That's a really neat cover of Everybody wants to Rule the World/

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Very pretty, interesting period; gameplay looks boring. Don't think I can play another of these, still haven't gotten around to playing AC4 yet. The cool part about assassinating in Assassin's Creed, for me, was the bit where you assassinated people like an assassin. Too much Batman combat in this trailer; where's the bit where you sneak past everyone, do some clever acrobatics and then tell some corrupt prince to rest in peace in French? I'd play that.

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Here's an E3 drinking game. Every time a you see a trailer with a song you've never heard by a band you've never heard, drink. Band you don't know doing a weird cover of a famous song, shot.

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Now we know where they draw their inspiration from.

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Enjoyed this trailer and the talk about this game on the post e3 bombcast has me a little excited. Haven't played one of these since the first one.

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This trailer just seems weird now that Ubisoft confirmed the multiple assassins are all the same main protagonist...