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Posted by Broomhitches

Dat music. I was waiting for Kanye to throw in a verse.

Posted by FonkyMucker

I was with that song till around the 1:30 mark....The Daft Punk helmet battery must of died or something.

Posted by Karkarov

I don't know might be interesting. But yeah at 1:30 it went bat shit insane on the audio.

Posted by bulldogthebigdog

game looks super good-hope it turns out to be

Posted by MeatSim

K. K. Slider has way more vocal range then I would have thought.

Edited by Relkin

Really not a fan of that music. Hopefully it isn't in the game. Otherwise, I could get into this.

Edited by L33T_HAXOR

Didn't Brad do a Quick Look of this last year?

EDIT: yep


Posted by CrocBox

Interesting, that music really made the trailer.