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Posted by ossuary

Yup, we've certainly never seen anything like this before...

...oh wait.

Posted by smcn

H1Z1? This game must have started production in 2009.

Posted by guanophobic

@smcn said:

H1Z1? This game must have started production in 2009.

Certainly looks like it.

Posted by pondwhale

H1Z1, your Planetside is showing. Also, your DayZ and Rust and just hanging out, but I think that's intentional.

Posted by Fawkes

Is this the State of Decay MMO?

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@fawkes: No. H1Z1 and State of Decay are two different franchises from two different dev houses. A State of Decay sequel or MMO hasnt been announced yet. H1Z1 is Sony's attempt at a DayZ like for the ps4. State of Decay is an Undead Labs IP.

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so is this coming to ps2?

Posted by Tricky69

I'm guessing this game is still in alpha...?

Giant Bomb really needs to show some love for 7 Days To Die. The game is a far superior zombie/crafting/survival game than H1Z1, DayZ, Rust or State Of Decay.

Posted by matti00

Man, I kinda liked the idea of this game, but it doesn't look great. Animation in particular. Hopefully it gets polished up for release.

Posted by JHebbel

Why is there the preconception that zombie MMO's have to look like crap.... There has to be a studio out there somewhere that can save this genre.


It looks fairly mediocre. Should have released this 4+ years ago.