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Awww yeaahhhh!

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What a heavy day.

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That's a pretty great trailer. Wish I had even a small amount of skill in fighting games.

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I still can't get over how fucking pretty this game is. How is this Unreal engine?

Also, I'm glad my main is confirmed to be back in the game: the pink whale that follows May around.

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Let's Rock

Posted by hmoney001

I'm ready to rock and roll!

Hope they add some characters as DLC. *cough robo ky...

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I have to admit, the new Guilty Gear looks pretty impressive.

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I'm ready to rock and roll!

Hope they add some characters as DLC. *cough robo ky...

Yeah, I main RoboKy and my brother mains Dizzy. We'll just have to enjoy some classic Sol vs Ky matches until more characters are added to the roster.

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I find it odd that no where in Canada has this available for pre-order.

Gamestop tried to sell me MKX when I asked.

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That music! That is my jam! This is the kind of music that's been missing from my fighting games for years.

Strange to see some of the absent characters from old games though; like Dizzy, Johnny, and ABA. Well, ok, maybe ABA's not weird, I just was really hoping she'd be in this game because she seemed really interesting to me, but was released in a game with no story so she always seemed like this kind of mystery character as a result, which made her more interesting to me.

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@fateofnever: Love all the Arc System soundtracks

Justice's theme from GGX2 is a personal favorite

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Where's Bridget? :'(

Posted by Hamborgini

I'm not sure why, but I like that even though they use 3d models now, they still animate like sprites.

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I'm getting a PS4 just for this game

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Anybody else been reading Xrd as turd?

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This is really really cool, Another trailer I kinda hope they had shown in their conference instead of just putting it out there under wraps...

Pretty unbelievable that all the animation here is in engine.. ( or so they say) and it's all 3d... Naruto's lead in cell shaded anime graphics is no more.

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My favorite fighting game of all time HELL YEA

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"Ex-ard"? Alright.