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Posted by drew327

What a great idea for a visual style

Posted by Bollard

The most striking aesthetic I've seen in a game in years. It's somewhat beautiful.

Posted by wallee321

This game looks bananas.

Posted by LucidDreams117

Just brilliant !

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Cup? Head?

Posted by a_randay92

This looks absolutely amazing! I want this! :D

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I hope Saucepan Man is in this.

Posted by Chicken008

Game looks cool.

I'm surprised so many people on Giant Bomb hadn't seen this, trailers have been kicking around for at least 8 months.

Posted by DanK_

Whoa, what IS this? It looks awfully gorgeous. Is this an Xbox One exclusive?

Posted by Roboculus92

This game looks so damn good.

Posted by w_drive

This game is strikingly gorgeous. Hits all the right notes, so to speak.

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This looks incredible.

Posted by TheNamesBlueDragon

Looks very much like in the style of a Rudolph Ising cartoon. Amazing!

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Yeah, I honestly don't even care how this plays. First time in a while where I feel an indie game with a cool art style can be more than enough.

Posted by CrazedBlueMoon

If I didn't know any better I would of thought this was a real cartoon from the 1940s. I'm defiantly keeping an eye out for this game.

Posted by LordAndrew

Very interesting!

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

I did know that! Also, this game just looks striking.

Posted by Robo

Whoa. It's rare to see a game just flat out 100% nail an aesthetic like that. Pretty amazing looking.

Posted by White

This is amazing!

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Posted by Xpgamer7

No more scan lines, and just pure disney-esque cel look. I miss it, but love the new flower enemy.

Posted by Hazelnuttz

Woah nelly! I want this!

Posted by ThePhilatron

A feast for the eyes!

Posted by mlarrabee

The style is specific to Felix the Cat. Below isn't the best example (I saw one that included nearly identical facial expressions to the flower enemy here), but it's close enough.

I love the style.

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@bollard said:

The most striking aesthetic I've seen in a game in years. It's somewhat beautiful.

I completely agree. I've been stuck watching this trailer over and over again.

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This looks great! I watched a ton of Max Fleischer cartoons as a kid.