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Posted by TheYellingHorn

Oh, that's what the PGA Tour was missing. Frostbite 3.

Posted by Zeeman155

Uhm, if this turns out to be like mini-golf but regular golf-sized then yeah! Cool?

Posted by NoodleUnit

Hah! Good play, EA. SYNERGY!

Posted by Seedofpower

2014 Year of Golf.

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So, is this happening because the Tiger Woods name doesn't mean anything any longer? I don't know much about golf, but from snippets I do catch it seems like he hasn't done something noteworthy in quite a while.

Posted by Cuuniyevo

I can get behind this.

Posted by simian

Can't wait to try and get a lock on a helicopter with my 9-Iron.

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No moon golf? Seems like a lost opportunity

Posted by soimadeanaccount

So....machine guns in a golf game. Got it


I've never been into the golf games, but I could get into this.