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Fucking Cannot Wait. Oh wait I dont own a Xbone... I guess Ill have to buy one now... Maybe itll come to PS4? Maybe?

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Just putting this out there: I TOTALLY CALLED IT, SONNNNN

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Song is Chopin's Nocturne in B minor op. 9 no. 1.

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Patrick had no faith, but I am SO ecstatic!

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This is the killer app that will get me to buy an XBone.

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so is this a full game or an mmo? cant really tell from the CG footage

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Not an MMO. It's an action arena battle game. You select which skills you bring into battle and there are 100s and 100s - attack, defense, erase, status buffs, etc.

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Even though it's just a remake, pretty hype. Probably the best thing MS showed overall besides Scalebound. Hopefully it comes to PC though.

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Saw that guy on the park bench, first immediate thought was this.


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As one of the thirty-five people who absolutely loved the first Phantom Dust, I could not be more excited for this.

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@babylonian said:

Just putting this out there: I TOTALLY CALLED IT, SONNNNN

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I love you