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Posted by Devil240Z

Been waiting for ever yo!

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Never really enjoyed it on PC, but always thought it'd fit well on a console.. Interested to try it out.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

It's a solid game. Controls aren't as tight as Battlefield, but there's a sense of scale to the warfare you don't really get elsewhere, and the future tech provides for neat gameplay.

Posted by Jayxeno

At least SOE picked some alright gameplay footage.

Posted by DarenWasteland

i really hope its good but dont really have high expectations

when i played it a while ago they had some optimization problems. porting it to the ps4 will just make that worse.

Posted by csand

@darenwasteland: Depending on how long ago you played it, the team did a major series of patches which only targeted performance problems. The game performs quite well on PC now, and I imagine by targeting only the PS4 hardware they'll be able to tweak it correctly for that platform.

Posted by DarenWasteland

@csand: either way I don't think I'll pick it up again. I don't really have a big group of friends to play games with and that game doesn't support solo players very well. Besides, I probably won't need another fps for quite a while once destiny drops.

Posted by csand

@darenwasteland: Oh for sure, I just wanted to clear up the performance thing because it's not nearly the issue it used to be. If you do pick it up again, there are a bunch of updates coming next week for outfits, specifically smoothing out the outfit recruitment/application stuff, so you should be able to find a group that suits you.