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This is exactly the game I never knew I always wanted.

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Played the alpha of this game. It's a really poor copy of Gundam EXVS with bad netcode, slower gameplay, and a chopped and screwed gameplay with missing variables that's present in Gundam EXVS. The team that worked on Gundam EXVS DID NOT work on this game however, it's a different team that was told to make a game with a similar concept to EXVS.

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.... Suuuuuuure.

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This is the kinda shit video games were designed for! Not realistic brown mud texture.

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Wow we are still doing this "Rise of" crap. Even Rise of the Tomb Raider now. We are creatively bankrupt.

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@onan: I miss my PSP. Wait... nevermind.

I see no reason not to play this though. As long as it's about $20

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@budwyzer: It's Free-to-Play. Not sure where that lands on price in a practical sense though. Also, the idea is cool

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This looks a lot like Anarchy Reigns, that arena brawler from Platinum that came out last year I think.