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I feel like I keep seeing that font (or a similar style) in almost every new game this E3

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@threadkilla: The original kickstarter premise was a game entirely controlled by voice so technically controller support is a 'new' feature and also a way to not scare off people who don't want to talk, don't have a mic and a myriad other potential ableist issues.

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No thanks.

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Ronald Jenkees is the man! Check out his youtube channel for the hottest of beats.

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Shut up Wesley, you'll get nothing and like it.

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Wheaton's a cool guy, but errrrrr... voice commands.

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Full controller support? Is that something we advertise now?

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Wil Wheaton is completely wasting E3 watching the sportsball tournament. Someone should shout at him.

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I would prefer a game where I could reach out and choke Wil Wheaton, surely that technology isn't far away.