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The anticipation is strong in this one.

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That's a nice rendition of snowy Finnmark, but still, it's more Star Wars. They should just put everything on hold until the new movie. If the movie is good, then they have my permission to make some games based on the new movie. If it sucks, then please bury the entire franchise in a landfill.

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Does this mean the next video in Spring 2015 or a game in 2015. Seems like it is waaaaay far from being done.

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"Star Wars belongs to everyone", but you better not infringe of copyright or you're going down.

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I have a good feeling about this. ;-)

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The cheap, licensed Battlefield knock-off finally becomes a full Battlefield game.

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The Space Renaissance has begun. So many big scifi space games about to be released in the next year or two!

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I'm already getting motion sickness just thinking about driving a speeder bike on the Endor map.

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'See more Spring 2015'

That doesn't suggest a finished product by then in my book...

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@hayt said:

Spring 2015 is a crazy long time off

You say that now, but it'll be here in the blink of an eye.

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It's DICE, they're not gonna do shit with this. The frostbite engine have yet to produce a single game worth full price. It's nothing more than a long running tech demo at this point. You'd think with DICE making games for 15 years that Battlefield 4 could at least match Quake's (1996) level of netcode right?

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@senrat: I hope they do, it looks amazing

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That stormtrooper render gives me goosebumps but I still wish we knew something more about the game itself. Spring 2015 is a crazy long time off

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God I hope this isn't just a reskin of Battlefield.

I mean, I'm totally aware of that the originals were almost just that, but they also had enough identity to stand on their own. Good luck, DICE.

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I'm all in. I have such high hopes.

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This is pretty much a guaranteed hit if they can make it work.

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I have a bad feeling about this.

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That sounds like quite the adventure in order to make a Battle Front gae.