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I'm extremely excited for this game! Love the visual style and the combat seems fun enough. Something about it really grabs me.

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Drop the 'tude and this looks good.

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Cannot wait for this!

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That "BOOM!" is the only reason I'm gonna consider buying this.

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Watching the guys try to figure out what this trailer was for at the start and how they reacted once the reveal came in was my favourite part of E3 so far. They played the first part so serious and the guys were like. Wait. I don't know what this is. What could it be? Great.

Sadly the game itself hold zero appeal to me. Just like the first half of this trailer.

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Looks arcade-y, which I can get behind.. after all, I liked EDF 2017 and played a bunch of Samurai Warriors. But for someone who already has Dead Rising or Dynasty/Samurai Warriors, is it enough of a pull ?

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Like that its trying to do something different just could never see myself enjoying that gameplay.

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I mean, the framing device is really sick. That's literally a theme-park.

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Of the 20+ trailers I've watched so far this was the first one that made me laugh more than a couple times, especially the 'OUCH' being spelled out with blood spurts.

Definitely on my radar now.

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Was hoping for a little less pop and a little more punk. Aside from hating the main character's face this looks promising. Seems kind of Dead Rising-y, and the traversal mechanics look like a real separator.

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good, this game looks good. fun for once, and not too serious.

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It looks fun, it has vibrant colors, doesn't take itself seriously, I'm in.

Ya'll haters need to loosen up.

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@bmccann42: me too, couldnt even finish watching this. it seems so boring......if I want mindless slaughter ill play dynasty warriors or something, I expect better from a great company like Insomniac. At least Ratchet and Clank didnt have to break the fourth wall to be interesting.

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@rxanadu said:

I don't really see Youske in this, but I'm expecting a Sonic cameo in the final product - bandages, "too cool for school" attitude, and all.

The smarmy attitude the main character has is just as annoying and played out as the gruff military types he makes fun of in the trailer.

It's the same VA Yuri Lowenthal is in all video games!

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Came here for Yosuke, stayed here for the Yosuke. This looks like it could be a blast if it has coop.

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I'm a R&C fan so you'd think this game would interest me... yet it doesn't. Traversal is SO SLOW that it looks like you're grinding on rails made of molasses. In fact "slow" is how I'd define every gameplay video I've seen of it - not just traversal but enemy movement, weapons, everything. It looks like the slow repetition of the game would become boring within a few mere hours. I still have a feeling it'll end up on PC sooner rather than later.

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Insomniac making fun of gritty 3rd person cover shooters after turning Fuse into a gritty 3rd person cover shooter.

Also I'm getting heavy Borderlands vibes from the writing, which isn't a good thing.

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I've always been in Insomniac's fan pen since childhood holidays spent with Ratchet and Clank. This has me considering a dive into the Xbox One purchasers ring, fickle fickle fan boys we are.

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Not sure what's not to like here: Original IP, stylistic, fun game mechanics, bright and colourful, doesn't take itself too seriously - kind of reminds me of what videogames are supposed to be.

Looking forward to this one for sure.

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Just about the only thing that sorta makes me want an Xbone

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I don't really see Youske in this, but I'm expecting a Sonic cameo in the final product - bandages, "too cool for school" attitude, and all.

The smarmy attitude the main character has is just as annoying and played out as the gruff military types he makes fun of in the trailer.

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damn this just might make me look into a xbone with that and crackdown 3

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I feel like this is shooting for the 15 years or younger audience.

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I feel like this is a Dead Rising meets Tony Hawk kinda thing. I can get behind this.

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This is just so off putting

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So is Attitude making a comeback?

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I'm just not feeling this game. Not sure what it is that is putting me off.