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Apparently this. Kirby is the superior eating-thing, though.

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Nintendo does Pac-Man better than Namco.

And when kirby eats Pac-Man.

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Hell Yeah, this should of been in the Digital Event instead of being revealed at the Smash roundtable! Oh and if anyone is wondering, that stage with the pixelated houses and fairies comes from the game Pac-Land for the NES.

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I really feel like this was a bigger announcement then that lady from Kid Icarus being in Smash....

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I can't be the only one who was hoping that this was all you played as, right?

Posted by soulcake

as long as i can play with the game and watch dude its ok.

Posted by huser

Unexpected, but welcome addition. Looks like my kind of weird and here's hoping that Game & Watch cameo is for real.

Posted by DevourerOfTime

I REALLY want this song to be playing on the Pac-Man stage.

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Pacman's Park music is the best music. That is all.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

Pac-Man Kirby is disturbing.

Posted by CurtMan2k7

cool, considering Namco is co-creating this Smash Bros game, i was wondering when a Namco legend like Pac Man would be included. still awesome! Can't wait.

Posted by pinner458

I REALLY want this song to be playing on the Pac-Man stage.

I wasn't sure if the title was a deliberate reference or not :D

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What is Kirby's default state is Pac-Man mode all along.

Posted by Boom_goes_the_dynamite

So I just noticed that Pacman's eyes are basically slightly squeezed Pacmen.

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Cute ending.

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Show that punk Kirby how it's done, old man!

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@ultimaxe: i was thinking the same thing man!

Posted by Dan_CiTi

That's one heart-warming, nostalgic ending. Great addition to the game.

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What, no Pac-Man eating a hole in someone and their heart dangling? pfft

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This makes some sense, Namco and Nintendo have already worked together on the Mario Kart Arcade game in Japan, which, along with this Pac-Man design, featured those weird Taiko Drum dudes. I like that they're playing up the traditional Namco angle here.

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Smash Bros is becoming that weird PC everything vs. everything game.

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Smash Bros: For fifteen years, it's as close to a legal Mugen as we're likely to get.

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Can this please mean Game & Watch is confirmed? Please?

Posted by CrocBox

@xpgamer7: I'm beginning to think I'm okay with that.