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Posted by cloudymusic

It's crazy that it includes most of the songs from the first game, as well. I'm all over this.

Posted by peritus

The first game in this series is one of my favorite 3DS games. Cool!

Posted by Triphos

How many of them are DLC?

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I didn't like the tapping system in teatryt...thetry...theatryth.....the first game quite as much as the one in Ouendan, but I still spent a ton of time playing it. I am definetly on board for another one with all the new content it's having.

Posted by Nameless2000

This trailer doesn't advertise the game's best selling point: Mystic Quest music.

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I actually ended up buying a few dlc songs for the first one. It was a good time.

Posted by Deathpooky

I still pop this game in from time to time and play it. Very willing to buy a new version with more stuff.

Posted by Fnert_Bjerglen

Man. I went to Distant Worlds a few years ago and was absolutely blown away. Uematsu was even there! I could listen to this stuff all day. Playing a game around it is so much damn fun. I wish other game series' would do similar things. Nintendo has a crazy library to pull from and could put together one hell of a rhythm game.

Posted by CrocBox

That NES music still gets me.