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Posted by HowieGaming

WOOOO! HALO 4 again

Posted by big_jon

This is nice, it should help Halo 5's multiplayer to be more balanced.

Posted by Captiosus

As listed in the trailer: "All new Spartan Abilities". That should be all anyone needs to see. 343 is sticking to the Halo: Reach/Halo 4 formula with abilities and loadouts rather than the more arena style of H2 and H3 that gave those games incredible longevity.

Posted by chilipeppersman

of course they make you buy a shitton of halo games just to play the beta, at least with the doom beta you only needed to purchase one game......60 fps and new "abilities" arent gonna win me back. Im glad im leaving xbox in the dust, halo 4 was pretty disappointing. At least they are still trying though right?

Posted by TimesHero

@chilipeppersman: While the collection is technically the 4 main halo games, they're being bundled as ONE GAME.

Edited by DharmaBum

@big_jon: @captiosus:

Posted by big_jon

@dharmabum: That's awesome news. Hopefully they'll give Spartans something more inline with thruster packs which empowers the player while keeping the skill as opposed to jetpacks, active camo, and regen fields, with only hinder the map flow and balance.


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