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Just got platinum in the first one a few days ago. Can't wait for this, the trailer looks fantastic.

Is that a different voice actor for Milla?

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Man, UFOtable does the best animated fight scenes.

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Meh. I'd rather start seeing a little more of Zestiria instead at this point, but I guess that won't happen until Xillia 2's western release.

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This trailer was incomprehensible garbage, but I'm sure the game will be fine.

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@bocam: To be fair, all of the Tales games (especially of recent) are rather generic to a fair degree. But Zestiria looks to build on the Graces F combat, which I much preferred over Xillia's. It's the one thing that pulled me through the 80 hours I musta spent in that game's main story; didn't complete the epilogue, though.

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Man, I really need to crack open that copy of the first game.

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During my time spent with Tales of Xillia I experienced a lot of frame rate/slow down issues in both random encounters, and the higher enemy count boss battles. It was playable, but it certainly didn't feel good at times. I really hope the sequel doesn't have similar issues. It would be disappointing.

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I really need to finish Tails of Xilla.

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I really need to get around to doing my 2nd run through Xillia with Milla. Ugh, not enough hours in the day for all these games...

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So I stopped playing the first game around 40 hours in, then I saw this trailer and decided to go back to the first game, but I was at the endgame (or saw a prompt that made it Seem like the endgame) and I had No Clue what was going on story-wise.

Started a new game with the other character and I just today caught up to my old game!

The first game is Charming as Fuck, here's hoping the sequel is too.