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EA Senior Producer Jeff Gerstmann lol

Posted by Hockeymask27


Posted by lemon360


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pucks i had to sign in crap 
Posted by Jeffk38uk

Pucks!! Good vid.

Posted by Darkstar614

I agree with Jeff on Medal of Honor. The multiplayer is just not doing it for me, and I even played a lot of Bad Company 2's multiplayer which is on the same engine. They just tried to make it too much like MW2 or something.
But I'm still really interested in the single player. It sounds like it could be an awesome experience.

Posted by Jon

I was lead to believe there was far more Jeff Green in this video.

Posted by BruceLeet

Hey, Bas Rutten!

Posted by TurboMan

I laughed at Jeff Green's bit.

Posted by Chadster

"Kinda skeptical" seems to pretty much sum up Jeff and Brad's feelings on most of the games shown here.

Posted by Toxin066

So what can you tell us about Warlord multiplayer? How do the paddles work? Are there unlockable, new, more badass paddles or do you have an upgrade system in place?  And finally, when can we expect to see Paddles of Doom on shelves?

Posted by GunnBjorn
@BruceLeet said:
"Hey, Bas Rutten! "

Sounds like a dutch dude?
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R-Type on the iPhone looks bad-ass.
Make my old-ass heart happy to see that.

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Fantastic video.  Monopoly Streetz (I hope it's spelled with a 'z') sounds cool, conceptually.

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

People glancing at the camera when they should be looking at the interviewer, annoying, unless it's some strange OCD thing that people do.

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

I wish all coverage could be as casual and as awesome

Posted by Vorbis

You're right, everything needs more Paul Barnett.

Posted by AxleBro

where was paul D:

Posted by JJOR64

I'm afraid that MMA guy is going to rape me.

Posted by Slade
@GunnBjorn said:

" @BruceLeet said:

"Hey, Bas Rutten! "
Sounds like a dutch dude? "
Yeah, he's dutch. You guys should've interviewed him! Former UFC champion, the guy from the TV skits in GTAIV, and creator of this famous YouTube
Posted by CharlesSurge

Jeff makes me feel happy. :D  
Hockey stick wiimote accessories were another highlight.

Posted by LangarN

Need more jeff green!

Posted by kollay
Posted by DBoy

You know, not showing any footage of NHL 11 in a video of this type is a federal offense in Canada. 
Good thing GB is in the US.

Posted by Baal_Sagoth

Great video! It's my favorite of the recent EA ones because of that kick.ass intro part.

Posted by ChernobylCow

Seemed like a cool show!

Posted by RazielCuts


Posted by Sumbog

I wanted more Jeff Green, anything with former GFW guys is awsome.

Posted by DeathbyYeti

How tired would your thumb be after 15 minutes of R Type on iPhone?

Posted by Googly

The world needs more Paul Barnett <>

Posted by Gaff

A few random comments: 

  • Man, that room looks empty. Planning stuff around ComicCon (what's this "Comics" thing?) is... well, interesting.
  • I literally cringed when seeing R-Type on the iPhone / iPod. I've yet to see on-screen "joypads" work well.
  • <> For Paul Barnett.
Posted by bcjohnnie
@Gaff: Yeah they really missed an opportunity at the end, both Jeff and Brad should have thrown up a <> as the video faded out.
Posted by Brackynews
@Googly said:
" The world needs more Paul Barnett <> "
Truth. But Paul Barnett owns the Paul Barnett franchise. And you need to pass an audition first. 
Word to the wise, DON'T dress like you just walked out of Funkytown.  It's been done.
Posted by GoldSoundz

Jeff Green: Lord of the Rings

Posted by HODGEY3000

BAS! jeff should of interviewed him
Posted by ep_driver

I rarely post comments anymore, but felt it was necessary at this moment becauseeeeee: 
I must let GB know that I loveeeee their coverage (or lack of) of sports games. So rad! Jeff's assessment of EAs sports titles was accurate, hahaha. More of the same. GB will be in my heart forever.
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daaamn...missed a golden opportunity to talk to Bas Rutten.  Would of been great...hes very funny.

Posted by Jeffmoocow

<3 Jeff Green.

Posted by HandsomeDead

Bas looked pissed off.

Posted by crusader8463

Screw Paul, we got JEFF FUCKING GREEN!

Posted by El_Derrico

I hope those MMA guys were wrestling.

Posted by DukesT3

aw pucks.

Posted by Chango

Jeff was on a row!

Posted by AlmostSwedish

I feel offended. The description tricked me into thinking there would be plenty of Jeff Green, but there wasn't. To compensate, I had to replay the video 5 times to get my fill of the original Jeff G.

Posted by patrick


Posted by ZanzibarBreeze

 Heh, Jeff. :)

"Fifa 11 ... ... ... ... ... ... grass ... ..."

Also, that was a good five seconds of Jeff Green smiling like Max Payne.

Posted by Chewii101

The EA showcase looks pretty cool. And I'm continuing the enjoy the sports coverage. Yes. Pucks.

Posted by RobotHamster

Haven't seen Jeff Green in ages.

Posted by JessicaBoo

Where Bill Clinton, hahaha Brad :)
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